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Birding guide

"Andr's Carli"

Diego Gallegos, your local Birdingpal guide in Buenos Aires.
In 1973, when I was 12, W. H. Hudson's delightful 'Far Away and Long Ago' fell into my hands. The birds, the nature and the people in those pristine pampas of 1850 were depicted so vividly that I was forever hooked.
Time passed, and in 1984, I got my university degree (equivalent to a BSc) in Biology in the University of Buenos Aires. I worked many years as the manager of the birding conservation group Asociaci'n Ornitol'gica del Plata (at present known as Aves Argentinas) and at the same time, I was called to guide my first group of birdwatchers. Since then, I led many other groups from the USA, UK or Europe, and more recently also individual travellers.
At present I keep guiding for local and international travel agents, but most of my clients are individuals or couples that find me in the internet and contact me directly. Meet some of them - and have a look at their bird pictures - in the Birds & People section!
Married to a biology teacher, we live with our four kids in a northern suburb of Buenos Aires. We spend much of our spare time in the countryside and we take every opportunity to travel around Argentina.
The birding as I see it. The experience gave me a good understanding of what makes a successful birdwatching tour, and how this can change from one person to the other. Furthermore, I understand every outing as an excellent opportunity to meet people with a shared interest in birds an nature. A common interest that usually leads to conversations in many other subjects. Despite the long time I have been guiding, I keep having the same fun I had when I guided my first group. And I love to share that joy.

Should you only need a guide for a day please send a message to Diego.   

I had a couple of days to spare prior to a business meeting in Buenos Aires and wanted to do some birding. Not knowing where to go, how to get there or, in some cases, what I was seeing, I looked for a guide. I found Diego through an internet search and was glad I did. Over the course of a couple of days, he showed me many birds, took me to some interesting locations, found comfortable lodgings along the way and, most of all, was great company. I have birded in many countries around the world and Diego was as good an ambassador for his country and his country's avifauna as any other I have had.
Rob W., New Jersey
I contacted Diego after reading about him on the Birdingpal website. We began to email each other in preparation for a trip from my home state of Florida to Buenos Aires, Argentina. When I couldn't find the book, Aves de Buenos Aires, here in Florida, Diego was able to get it for me. He picked us up (myself and my daughter) and took us to several different areas twice during the week that we birded with him. He made sure we had good looks at the birds and patiently helped us to identify them. Diego even managed to find a Golden-crowned Warbler for me, a species I had never been able to see in the U.S.A. During both trips, Diego made sure that we had food and drinks. Because I like to take photos of new birds (and I had many lifers while birding with Diego!), Diego made sure that we lingered long enough at each place for taking photos. Another reason why we enjoyed his services is that Diego is quite knowledgable about other wildlife and plants in the region, not just the bird species. If I travel to the Buenos Aires area in the future, Diego will be the first person I will call. I would highly recommend him to anyone who plans to bird there.
Sincerely, Irene Hernandez, Redington Shores, FL bskimmer(AT)

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Birding guide Daniel Somay, your local Birdingpal guide in the North East.
Daniel Somay, graduated as a Park Ranger, has always had an inclination for bird and fauna research, participating for the largest project of birds banding of this particular area between 1981 and 1985. In the following years, he has been entirely dedicated to tourist activities, working as a guide who is specialized in nature. He has been making trips through out the jungle for more than 15 years, being one of the most experienced guides in this region. Because of his knowledge, he has participated and advised on the makings of many documentaries produced by Japan, France, England and United States. The National Park, besides having the spectacular waterfalls, is the environment with the most bio diversity in Argentina making this place ideal to watch birds. Daniel has recorded more than 380 different species of birds of the region, being many of them unique and even indispensable to recognize some species of Antshrikes or to identify Flycatchers that are very similar among each other. Among the birds of the region, we can mention the Black Fronted Piping Guan, Helmeted Woodpecker and Solitary Tinamou, not always easy to observe. More common are the Red breasted Toucan, Black throated Trogon, Blue Manakin, Tufted Antshrikes, Rufous Motmot, Robust Woodpecker and the difficult tyrants such as the Southern Antpipit, Yellow olive and Sepia capped Flycatchers, not forgetting the fantastic Tanagers, among others.

Should you only need a guide for a day please send a message to Daniel.   

Visiting Iguazu and the National Park you can not go wrong if you hire Daniel Somay (if you can get him, since he is always busy) to show you the birds. As an ex park ranger he will find the birds. He did for me. Knud Rasmussen, Toronto, Canada.

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Birding guide Guy Cox, your local Birdingpal guide in the Misiones.
Visiting Bolivia in 1984, Guy fell in love with the forest. His studies of Horned Curassow in Amboró National Park and other Cracids in protected areas throughout the country in the '90s earned him a position on IUCN's Cracid Specialist Committee and began a lifetime dedicated to birds and conservation. He furthered his understanding of birds and tropical biology in his two years with "Van" Remsen in Louisiana State University and in the field with birding legend Ted Parker.
Guy lives in San Pedro, Misiones, with his wife Natalia and two children. When not watching birds, he is active in local environmental programs, he teaches English to future Park Guards and heads the local COA (Club de Observadores de Aves) - an Aves Argentinas-linked nationwide birdwatching network. The group, COA Tucai, recently received an equipment grant from American Birding Association's BEX program.

Should you only need a guide for a day please send a message to Guy.   

13th Jan 2011. I highly recommend a trip with Guy Cox. He is the consummate expert to birds of the area, he helped us to find birds we would never have seen on our own. I recommend him whether you are an expert yourself or a novice to the birds of the area.
Sandy Weber - Blacksburg, VA 24060
Yacutinga Lodge - 11th May 2011. Guy - We wanted to thank you for the wonderful guiding during our stay. We enjoyed your insights into the world of the rain forest as well as your engaging stories of the ornithologist's life in South America.
Alice and David Schiff

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Birding guide Francisco Cornell, your local Birdingpal guide in Salta and Jujuy.
Francisco Cornell was borne in Buenos Aires (1972), but has lived in the Province of Jujuy, since he was 6 years old. He was always fascinated with nature, motivated by the beautiful landscapes, wildlife and incredible night skies of the Andes. He became a birdwatcher at the age of 23, and has since spent many years traveling throughout the region birding and know very well the birds of the region. Taking part in several nature conservation projects, he developed a special interest for the Andean and its threatened bird species. In 2000 he began working as a birdwatching guide, then became an official guide of the Calilegua NP and developed 'Birding Jujuy' to lead people around the region. At present, he is one of the authors of the Bird Checklist of Jujuy Province (with 577 species), got a degree in tourism and is married with a beautiful daughter.

Should you only need a guide for a day please send a message to Francisco.   

Francisco guided me during my second trip to Argentina and I can recommend him as a knowable and very pleasant guide, who knows where to find the local rarities around Jujuy. Less than half an hour into our tour he spotted Torrent Ducks and Rufous-throated Dippers, both lifers for me, plus many more birds. Knud Rasmussen. Toronto, Canada

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Birding guide Ruben Manriquez, your local Birdingpal guide in Puerto Madryn, Chubut
I'm a Biologist involved in birdwatching guiding in Patagonia with experience working with birdwatchers from all over the world. Born in the Southern Andes (Esquel is my town, located at the end of "The Old Patagonian Express"!!!).
I now live in Puerto Madryn working in fishing and tourism since the eighties.
I speak English and have guided people from England, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Australia, New Zealand, U.S., Belgium, Canada, Holland etc. during my 18 years as a tour guide. I offer good service, knowledge and acknowledge we have to do as much as possible for to preserve nature around us.

Should you only need a guide for a day please send a message to Ruben.   

Thank your for putting us in touch with Ruben Manriquez from Puerto Madryn. My husband and I had a wonderful birding trip with Ruben in the region of Chabut. Ruben laid out a good plan for us to see as many birds of the region as possible during our 4 day trip. We were able to bird from the time he picked us up at the airport until our departure. As we birded he also gave us excellent information about the natural areas of Chabut. Ruben is a talented birder; he's also prompt, patient and most importantly, he became our friend.
Sue Schwaller sue.schwaller(AT)

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Birding guide Esteban Daniels, your local Birdingpal guide in Tierra del Fuego
I'm an enthusiastic birdwatcher and professional tour guide. As a birder I spent the last 10 years searching for the best places to find birds around Southern Patagonia. Tierra del Fuego Island and Patagonia are excellent for birdwatching and to enjoy nature.

Should you only need a guide for a day please send a message to Esteban.   

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Birding guide Sergio Corbet, your local Birdingpal guide
Sergio Corbet is an Agronomy Engineer and a Biology Sciences College Professor and has travelled all over Argentina and most bordering neighbour countries combining Birding with his skills. Over 35 years of watching and studying the regions "Nature" -birds, flora and fauna- gave Sergio the knowledge to find and use the best hotspots and places where to do successful Birding. Sergio is a Birding and Nature Guide not only to individuals or groups but also to a couple of local Tours.
Visit my web site
During my two trips to Argentina I had the pleasure birding with Sergio in the Buenos Aires area and the province of Corrientes. Being not only an excellent guide but also a great companion, I highly recommend his services. Knud Rasmussen. krkr(AT)

For more information contact Sergio   


Birding guide Paulo Boute your local Birdingpal guide
Paulo Boute He was born in Brazil, at the State of Parana, on a ranch were his parents were cultivating coffee. Being his father from Russia and his mother from Ukraine Paulo was supported, since a very young age to enjoy Nature in the Tropics, since it has no comparison to Siberia...Of course, birds were his favorite creatures. With the purpose of having such "good life" forever Paulo decided to be an Agronomist, based on the observation of a professional that were giving his parents technical assistance. He thought that being an Agronomist he could spend the entire day visiting properties & finding birds. So, he came to Mato Grosso in 1980 where he went to the local University. Starting to work professionally, on weekends and Holidays, at the Pantanal at the age of 18 years old. Once he got his degree in 1988 he started working full time as a Guide. His background now, includes over 1.000(!) trips to the Pantanal and hundreds to the main bird destinations of Brazil, such the Atlantic Forest. Besides, contribution to many Ornithologica trips, which made his name to be included on the book: South American Birds (Vol. II) by Dr. Robert Ridgely. Paulo has an absolutely fantastic knowledge about the Brazilian Birds.
Due the huge amount of his trips within Brazil, on every destination, you will be surprised of how everybody have him as a good friend even being thousand of miles away from home. He knows everyone by his name & everyone one knows him.
Being part of a first generation of immigrants in Brazil, Paulo has committed himself to contribute as much as he can to the development of Birding in Brazil. He has helped & supported the many people to start a career as bird guides. As well, has presented courses and lectures on birdwatching across Brazil.
Birding with Paulo is an unique experience of having a guide that is a perfect travel companion.

Should you only need a guide for a day please send a message to Paulo.   

Birding guide Ricardo Viegas Casarin your local Birdingpal guide
Ricardo Viegas Casarin was born in Dourados, South Mato Grosso state. He has been engaged with natural tourism activity since 1998, offering Mountain Bike rental service to the tourists in Chapada dos Guimar'es.
As a Guide, Ricardo has been leading tours in Chapada dos Guimar'es and Pantanal since late 90's. Nowadays his abrangence area has extended to other Mato Grosso's destinations such as S'o Jos' do Rio Claro, Nobres, Pocon' and Bar'o de Melga'o.
Already a Brazilian Tourism Board (Embratur) Certified Guide, Ricardo is commited to become one of the best Birdwatching and Natural History guides in Brazil. To achieve that, he is always aprimorate his knowledge and techniques, by taking courses and participating of meetings and conferences of the subject.

Should you only need a guide for a day please send a message to Ricardo.   


Birding Mato Grosso and the Pantanal with Paulo Boute. Great birds, good food, and comfortable lodging. Paulo was a wonderful host and excellent guide. He knows the area and the birds, finding them even during the month of January (Rain Season). We got all of our target species, including the Harpy Eagle. It was an outstanding experience.
Richard H. Payne, Ph.D. President & CEO American Birding Association.
Many thanks to Paulo and Marluce Boute... who made this trip easy, productive and enjoyable". Extracted from the book: Brazil's Pantanal by Janet Zinn. jzinn(AT)

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Birding guide Fabrice Schmitt, your local Birdingpal guide
Fabrice Schmitt was born in the east of France, where he began to bird at the age of 12. After birding intensively Europe, North Africa and Middle East, he fell in love with the neotropical birds during his first trip in Peru in 1995. He then spent most of his free time in South and Central America, mostly looking for birds, but also wildlife in general. In 2002/2003, Fabrice (a teacher for 8 years), took a sabbatical year, to visit main birding destinations and look for and study the most localised species of south Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina and south of Brazil. Fabrice participated in field expeditions in the Peruvian Andes, gaining knowledge about endangered, rare and even undescribed bird species. Since 2005 Fabrice has been living in Santiago de Chile where he is involved with the ROC non-governmental ornithologist organisation. He is editor of the electronic birding magazine La Chiricoca. He has been leading birding trips in Peru, Colombia, Argentina and Chile since 2005. Fabrice is fluent in English, Spanish and French.

Should you only need a guide for a day please send a message to Fabrice.   

Fabrice is a very knowledgeable and personable birding guide and we thoroughly enjoyed our time with him. He has a comprehensive knowledge of Chile's birds and where and how to find them. He also is very familiar with the country's other fauna and flora, and has many insights into its culture. It's going to take quite a while to go through all the photos; Fabrice has a good understanding of the needs of a photographer. We wouldn't hesitate to go birding with him again in Chile, or elsewhere in South America.
Mike Danzenbaker and Lee Hung, Chile (Oct-Nov. 2010)
Fabrice is not merely one of Chile's top birders and bird-conservation activists, nor merely a tireless and congenial finder of every species on a visiting birder's target list. He's also the kind of bird guide who can really make things happen-- conjure up wonderful surprises in seemingly unpromising circumstances. I highly recommend him. Jonathan Franzen, Chile (Jan. 2011)
Fabrice was an exceptional guide, one of the best that we've encountered in many years of travel. We appreciated and were impressed by his depth of knowledge and enthusiasm, not just about birds but also about other creatures, plants and the whole ecosystem. He made sure that we were well taken care of everywhere that we stayed. And he was just great fun to travel with. We'll look forward to being with him again some day. My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It felt like a great adventure and I was able to come up with some great photo images. Richard Goldman, Peru (2008).

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Birding guide Pablo Florez, your local Birdingpal guide
Pablo born in Medellin in 1977, at the age of 15 started birding and traveling intensively. He made his thesis studing the Yellow-eared Parrot, and graduated as Forestry Engineer. Since 2000 has been deeply involved with bird conservation working in many projects and leading some expeditions. He is Co-founder of ProAves (stronger NGO in the conservation of birds in Colombia) and worked at this organization for 5 years, contributing to the creation of several private reserves and other important achievements in different regions. After that, was linked independently to different bird research projects with the government and for international entities.
After 18 years of active birding and more than 1675 bird species recorded in Colombia, he has reached significant skills as a birding guide in all regions of the country. His great passion for birds has taken him to Ecuador (9), Venezuela (3), Peru (2) and Brazil (3). His knowledge about birds locations, bird calls and carefully logistics are remarkable.
In 2008, he started guiding tours for different companies. In the middle of 2009 started to work mostly independently up to date.
With his friend Jurgen Beckers he is finishig the book "Where to watch birds in Colombia".

Should you only need a guide for a day please send a message to Pablo.   

Four of us joined Pablo on a 3.5 week tour. We were not disappointed. A total of 50 endemics plus 13 antpittas seen and more lifers for all of us than we had expected. The logistics were seamless, everything worked. Pablo has an outstanding knowledge of all the sites based on his own extensive experience of birding Colombia. He knows where to find all the key species and his knowledge of calls in particular is excellent. He has excellent relationships with all the key people at all the sites which makes for a smooth, safe and pleasant experience for all. Moreover Pablo is a thoughtful and sensitive person, a caring and attentive guide who made sure that everyone felt comfortable and able to enjoy the trip. We certainly did and for added measure the trip was very good value! Mike Catsis, Simon Allen, Chris Gooddie and Nick Preston. Aug 2011. Londres.UK
It has always been a wonderful experience birding with Pablo as my guide. We have been to many interesting and beautiful places in Colombia. These include the Piha Reserve, Rio Claro, Rio Blanco, Otun, the Santa Marta area, Leticia and Brasil Border, Cali (Old Bueaventura Road & Wetland Sonso), Mitu in the Amazon, plus many other exciting areas. Pablo followed my birding philosophy very well. It is that I can always sleep and eat, but I can not always see the beautiful birds of Colombia. Because I am at times a little late with my viewing, Pablo many times had to find the bird again and again. Pablo is the most patient, kindest, and diplomatic person I have ever encountered. He was always looking out for my safety and well being. You will do well to have Pablo as your guide because he knows the places to visit, knows the calls of the birds, how to diagnose the bird, and where to look. Most importantly he knows how to show you the bird without disturbing it. Dr. Robert Dix. July 2011 (rdix2002(AT) Austin. Texas. USA

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Birding guide Pablo Andrade, your local Birdingpal guide
Pablo Andrade is an ornithologist with more that 15 years experience leading ornithological tours in Ecuador. Pablo has participated in many important bird research projects and has written literature about the birds of Southern Ecuador. Also an avid bird painter many of his paintings can be found in nature and birding guides. Undoubtedly, Pablo's work has contributed to educate the people of Ecuador with respect to birds and their conservation.

February 2005. We hired Pablo to guide for us during our stay near Podocarpus. He drew up an itinerary that included all of the best birding areas in/near the Park, allowing us to visit as many habitats and elevations as possible. The end result was a wonderfully intense and rewarding six days that yielded 250 + species, including four antpittas and three tapaculos. We even visited a particular area of dry forest that is apparently not on the 'regular' birding-group circuit, and which gave us a long list of new birds. The biggest thrill, for me, was seeing the Jocotoco Antpitta in the reserve established for them. It took us two visits to tick the bird, but, in the end, we got a very close look at one by using a tape, then we saw two more up the trail without the tape. At that point, they were calling all around us ' what a wonderfull and exiting experience. In Fact, when I saw the first one, I will admit to you that I cried. Pablo's English is good and getting better. We had no trouble understanding each other. And, not only does he know the birds' common names, he knows most of their Latin names, as well.
His passion for birds is obvious. He has been a birder since he was very young, and he did an outstanding job of finding and identifying, both by sight and sound, the species we would likely encounter in the various sites we visited. In the rare instance when Pablo was unsure of an identification, he readily said so and consulted the plates.
Pablo is punctual, organized, and persistent. With regard to the last, he did not allowed me to give up ' I came close! ' when we almost dipped on a very elusive Gray'headed Antbird. In the end, I did see the bird, thanks to Pablo, as well as, in that same area, Black'crested Tit Tyrant and Black'cowled Saltator. It was a very rewarding trip, loads of intense good fun chasing birds.
By the way, writing this letter was my idea, not Pablo's. I just wanted you to know about this guide's passion and expertise. If you ever do need a competent and reliable local guide, keep Pablo Andrade in mind.
Betsy Rogers, Pullayup, WA betsyloveswalking(AT)

Should you only need a guide for a day please send a message to Pablo.   

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Birding guide Paul Smith, your local Birdingpal guide
Paul Smith is a freelance zoologist resident in Paraguay since 2002 where he is authoring the forthcoming first English-language Field Guide to the Birds of Paraguay to be published by Helm. He is the Paraguayan representative of the Neotropical Bird Club and founder of FAUNA Paraguay a website designed to disseminate information about the fauna of this little-known and chronically understudied country. Paul works as a South American correspondent for Rough Guides, Lonely Planet and Footprint travel books which has enabled him to get to know the continent and its wildlife intimately and it was a commission to author the Rough Guide to South America that first brought him to Paraguay. He then fell in love with the country and decided to stay!!

Should you only need a guide for a day please send a message to Paul.   

Birding guide Hugo del Castillo, your local Birdingpal guide
Hugo del Castillo is a Paraguayan birder and author of several texts on the country's ornithology including the Atlas of the Birds of Paraguay and the Checklist of the Birds of Paraguay. He is the records keeper for the Guyra Paraguay Biological Database (Paraguay's Birdlife International Partner) which gives him an unrivalled knowledge of bird distribution in Paraguay. Hugo has travelled widely across Paraguay and is familiar with some of the least visited corners of this mysterious country.

Should you only need a guide for a day please send a message to Hugo.   

I joined a birding tour with Paul in Paraguay last summer and I was delighted with the results of visiting this lesser known nation. Having previously visited more familiar destinations such as Costa Rica and Ecuador for birding excursions, I wasn't sure how Paraguay would stand up against these avian giants. But after just visiting a few sites, I was able to observe over 300 species including 280 life birds. The amazing variety of habitats found in Paraguay accompanied with the friendly people, fascinating culture, and the feeling of being in an untouched wildlife paradise made the trip just as exciting if not more so than any of my previous trips. With a list of over 700 hundred species, I most definitely plan on returning to Paraguay for more birding opportunities and another amazing adventure.
Adam Betuel - Ykcul88(AT)
In September, 2006, I went on an extended tour for three weeks throughout Paraguay. Paul Smith designed and led the trip. Hugo del Castillo provided transportation and logistics. All of the habitats were explored from the Chaco and the Paraguay River to the forests of the East. We encountered almost 400 species of birds and 20 macro animals as well as various reptiles. My personal favourites were close-up views of a male and a female Spot-billed Toucanet. For anyone wishing to really experience the country of Paraguay this is the ultimate trip. Accommodations are basic in some areas and everything has to be taken with you into the Chaco. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience in Paraguay.
Richard Smith, Columbia, SC, USA.

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Birding guide Doris Valencia Puclla, your local Birdingpal guide
Doris Valencia from Cuscou. Im a license tour guide here in Cusco, specialize in birding, natural history and history and archaeology. I do tours in diferent natural areas of my country but certainly more often to birding spots around Cusco, Sacred Valley, Huacarpay Wetlands, Abra de Malaga, Machupicchu and the Manu National Park. I would like to be contacted anytime for any service, I dont do tours for free often, but could organize anything necesary for birders in my area from transportation, accomodation etc for really good prices. Lots of good birding spots are around Cusco including the best and famous archaeological sites both from the pre-inca and Inca.

Should you only need a guide for a day please send a message to Doris and Adrian.   

I have been fortunate to have birded with some excellent birders in North America. Doris's ear and identification skills are as good as anyone with whom I have birded. This is a daunting challenge because of Peru's 1800 plus bird list. I would totally trust Doris to arrange a trip for you that you will completely enjoy and never forget.
Dave and Wendy Carter October 23, 2010 USA
Doris is absolutely amazing at spotting and identifying birds. I came back with more than 150 life birds, including 17 hummingbirds and some rare birds, like the endangered Inca Wren.
Manny Vara, January 2010, San Jose, California, USA I emphatically recommend Doris Valencia to anybody wanting to explore Peru. Doris is an enthusiastic and knowledgable guide and she is well versed in the cultural and natural history of her country. Her birding skills are top notch and she works hard to insure that all the participants gets to see them. Doris Valencia is one of the best guides that I have had the pleasure to work with. Our tour with her was excellent and we look forwards to working with her again.
Dan van den Broek, Audubon Society of Portland. Trip Leader and Educator Set 2010

Birding guide Adrian Walker, your local Birdingpal guide
Im offering a guiding service in Iquitos and environs. I've been a Birding Pal in northern Australia for quite a few years, know Peru well, have extensive eco tourism experience, several earth science degrees, am familiar with the avifauna of Alpahuayo Mishana where I hope to establish a birding lodge in the near future. I have also published several book on both reptiles and anphibians.

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Birding guide Ivan Tepedino, your local Birdingpal guide
Ivan Tepedino, born in Caracas, Venezuela 24-09-1961.
Since 1985 Ivan has been involved in birdwatching and natural history in his country. He has worked in private wildlife reserves like Hato Pinero, El frio and Cedral as local guide. For some time he ran his own company, providing services of ground transportation and specialized guidance for birdwatchers around the country.
In 1998 Ivan moves to the little village of El Pauji in the south-east part of Bolivar state, close to the Brazilian frontier. Ivan has been working on the vocalizations of the avifauna of his area (Sierra de Lema-El Pauji) with the assistance of Tony Creasse (Tony has several publications in Cotinga magazine and has worked on extension ranges for many species in south-east Bolivar). Ivan participated in the NeoMapas Aves 2010 projet (inventory and maping of the bird diversity of south-east Bolivar state), sponsored by the Instituto Venezolano de Investigaciones Cientificas. He also forms part of the local team for the annual bird counts supported by the Venezuelan Audubon Society. Ivan is actually monitoring a nesting site of a Crested Eagle in his home area, together with Tony Creasse. During the time he has been living in the area, he also has become one of the most importand trekking guides for climbing the local tepui mountains (flat top mountains), where species like Band-winged Nightjar(roraimae ssp.) and Tepui Wren can only be seen. Lately Ivan has been leading and co-leading birding tours for companies like: Ascanio Birding, Wings, Sunbird and the organization Birdingpal in north and south- east Venezuela. He also is the local birdwatching guide recommended by the Venezuelan Audubon Society for the south-east part of Venezuela.

Should you only need a guide for a day please send a message to Ivan.   

Ivan worked with me and my team on the birds of Sierra de Lema, Gran Sabana and Rio Grande, Venezuela,in January 2012. Our 6 week long expedition in Venezuela was part of the on -going project for the forthcoming Photographic Handbook of the Birds of the World.
Ivan worked for us a local bird-expert/spotter. His work was extremely good, he was well performed during the week, in all aspects, and most important his company was the best- and it was not taking long to get very close friends. It was a pity to have Ivan for just one week on the expedition. He was simply one of our best birders to work with over the years.
Hadoram Shirihai (Photographic Handbook of the Birds of the world.). Venezuela January 2012.
Ivan Tepedino is passionate, about birds, conservation and making a difference in his personal approach to life and the world around him. Some guides want you to see the bird more than you do yourself, and Ivan is truly one of those. If your travels take you to the southeastern corner of Venezuela, one of the most legendary birding spots in the Neotropics, then Ivan will make a fine host.
Guy Kirwan. (Editor Cotinga Magazine). Venezuela January 2012.
Ivan Tepedino guided me for a couple of days in El Pauji and the amazing Sierra de Lema. I recommend Ivan as a knowlegeable, enthusiastic and very pleasant guide that know where to find all the endemics and specialities in the area of Sierra de Lema, Mt Roraima and El Pauji. During my days in the area we spotted almost all the tepui endemics, unforgettable! Martin Berg, Stockholm Sweden martin.berg20(AT)

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Birding guide Joe Klaiber, your local Birdingpal guide
Joe Klaiber was born in Germany where he became a joiner. With this qualification he left to the Canadian outdoors. After he moved to South America he started to work as a tour guide for German operators and tourists all over in Venezuela.
Since 1995 Joe also works with photographers, botanists and ornithologists from different countries as well as with well known birders as The German Institute for Bird Research the WWF, etc.
Today he has his own bird lodge in the Andes. Since 1998 he collects bird songs and works on a publication for bird songs of Venezuela.

Should you only need a guide for a day please send a message to Joe.   


We had a fantastic time and really appreciated the way the trip was put together. Our guide was fantastic with loads of expertise and a relaxed style. We got to see far more of the wildlife, wilderness and culture of Venezuela than if we had travelled on our own. His birdwatching skills are excellent! The posadas were all of a really high standard. This was particularly important as we had usually been out all day and needed somewhere comfortable to relax in the evenings. Roddy and I ended up seeing 426 species of bird in Venezuela, with just over 160 of those being lifers. Our guide was fantastic and my special thanks go to him for his help in identifying some of the birds for me and for driving us to areas we would not have seen otherwise. Overall we really enjoyed our tour and our whole experience in Venezuela.

Best wishes Karen Yuill & Roddy Mavor

February 2013, I met Joe Klaiber a long time Birdingpal during my visit to Venezuela. Joe is a very experience birder not only in South America, but he also participates in the yearly seabird count in the North Sea of the coast of Germany and Denmark. Being the proprietor of two lodges in the western part of the country also insure your trip will be successful.
Knud Rasmussen, Birdingpal.

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