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Birders Search

Birding beginners
The young birder backyard guide

The history of birdwatching

Multilingual Birdsearch Engine
The ultimate bird guide

Birdwatching tours around the world

Year round tours with local Birdingpal guides

Search booksellers worldwide to find the lowest book price for Field and Travel Guides.

Help International Bird Conservation

American Bird Conservacy
ABC's mission is to conserve native wild birds and their habitats throughout the Americas.

Conservation Birding
Allows birders to find lodges that contribute to bird conservation in the Americas.

World Wildlife Fund
Conservation Action

Equal Exchange
Bird Friendly Shade Coffee

Global and Continental Links

Birds of the World
National Checklist of Birds and Birdlists of all Countries of the World

European birds online

Links that make up an online Birdwatching Guide
Tripbuzz presents The Ultimate Guide to Birdwatching

For "twitchers"or serious listers

Birdlife International
A global Alliance to Protect Birds

Wetlands International
A global Alliance to Protect Wetlands
Links to parks around the world

Fat Birder
The largest resource for birdwatchers

International Migratory Day

Lots of information about birding
For Birders all over the World

Oriental Bird Club
Resource for the traveling birder in Asia

African Bird Club
Resource for the traveling birder in Asia

Birding the World
Global Birding

Western Palearctic Region
Maps, Search and Translator of birds in eight language

M Jenkins
Printable Bird Checklists

U.S. Naval Observatory
Sun and Moon Data

John Penhallurick's
Data List

Disabled Birders Association
Resource for the traveling birder

Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust
Saving species from extinction

Rare Birds Reports

The Virtual Birder
North America

North America

National Links


Birdwatching Australia
A directory of Australian birdwatching

The Malleefowl Preservation Group Inc
A community initiative dedicated to conserving Australia's native species.


A Última Arca de Noé
(The Last Noah's Ark)

Ecology, environment, biodiversity, environmental education, animals, birding etc. Portuguese/English.


The Society of Canadian Ornithologists

IBA Canada
Important Bird Areas of Canada


Protection of Birds in Italy

United Kingdom

British Trust for Ornithology
National organization

United States of America

National Audubon Society
Member based conservation organization

American Birding Association
National organization for active birders

National Database

Association of Field Ornithologists
National organization

American Ornithologists' Union
National organization

Cornell Lab of Ornithology
Extensive birding resource

National Bird-Feeding Society

Nest-monitoring database

Birders Notes

What you should know about health, when you travel

Tick-borne diseases

Mosquito Control

Embassy Worldwide
Global directory

US Department of States
Travel warnings

The World Factbook

Trip Reports
Trip Reports

Blake Maybank
Birding the Americas

JP Paris
Trips around the world

Bird Links

Hummingbird Migration Tracker
Lots of great resources here. Including a page for tracking the migration of hummingbirds.

It's a service they provide on their site where they sell specialized and proven successful bird feeders. Like these specifically designed for hummingbirds.

Steve Hampton's Gull Identification Website
These pages are dedicated to those rakish scavengers from the north (okay, some are from the south): gulls! gulls! gulls! Many breed in remote locales, migrate great distances, and, in winter, form the most coveted phenomenon that birders hope for: mixed species flocks. With these habits, there exists tremendous potential for rare vagrants to show up anywhere (e.g. a Glaucous-winged Gull in Morocco!). It is hoped that this website may help us all with gull identification.

Birder's WebRing
This webring is devoted to websites about birding and birdwatching; ornithology; wild birds; bird resources and references; birding localities and observatories; and related topics.

WindowAlert was founded in 2003 based on the invention of a new, ultraviolet-reflective window decal. Birds can see ultraviolet light, but humans cannot.

HawkCount facilitates the tracking and reporting of raptor migrations.

Unique collection of thousands of videos.

Gerard Gorman's Woodpeckers of Europe
Information, ID, notes, photographs and more on Europe's Picidae

The Hummingbird Society
Teaching about hummingbirds, and working to protect them.

Eremaea Birds
A free birding records database and atlas.

Handbook of the Birds of the World
The Internet Bird Collection(IBC)
North American Hummingbirds

Trumpeter Swan Society
Dedicated to the vitality and welfare of wild Trumpeter Swans
Eye Colors for 5620 Species Amphibians; Reptiles; Birds; Mammals

International Crane Foundation
Protection of Cranes worldwide
Crane Migration

The Birds of North America Online
Interactive website between AOU and Cornell

Interactive website between Audubon and Cornell

Arthur Cleveland Bent
North American Birds
All you want to know about Owls

The Turkey Vulture Society
Turkey Vultures

Asian Raptor Migration

The Peregrine Fund
Conservation of Birds of Prey

American Ornithologist's Union
Scientific study of birds

Cooper Ornithological Society'
Scientific study of birds

Pacific Seabird Group
Professional seabird researchers

Neotropical Bird Club
Central and South America Conservation
North America Bird Information

Raptor Research Foundation
Study of Birds of Prey

The Academy of Natural Sciences

American Museum of Natural History

Journey North
Wildlife Migration

Bartram Trail
William Bartram Naturalist

World Working Group on Birds of Prey and Owls

Avian Taxonomic

Eastern Partnership
Whooping Crane

Loggerhead Shrike
Banding Study

Purple Martin Conservation Association
Scientific study of Purple Martins

North American Bluebird Society
Research and Recovery of Bluebirds

The Bluebird Box
Lots of info about Bluebirds

Trochilids Web Page
Hummingbird Mapping Projects
Migrating Shorebirds

Norwegian Gull Page

Greg Lasley's

The Owl Pages
Owl Photos

Crane Data

Native America
Native plants and Animals Reintroduction

National Wildlife Federation
Backyard Wildlife Habitat

Nutty Birdwatcher
Info about Birds and lots more

Great Backyard Bird Count

Website for Young Birders

All about feathers

Many Bird related Links

Multilingual Bird Search Engine
Multilingual Bird Search Engine

Bird Watcher's
The Site for Birdwatchers


Banding codes

Country Flag Codes

Report Banded birds


Clenson Universty

Chat Lines

Online bird watching community

Birdingpal blog
Global forum for travelling birders

Birdwatchers Community
US Site

UK Site

Magazines & Field Guides

Bird Watcher's Digest

The Birder's Library
Book Reviews for Birders

Birds and Nature
Searchable Index

Birds of Britain
Excellent UK Magazine

Australian Journal

Books for Birders
Lots of Bird Books

Nature Books

Peterson Online
Field Guides

Quaderni di birdwatching
Italian Magazine

Edward R. Hamilton
Discount Books, USA only

Buteo Books
Bird books only

Used and Rare Books

Online Magazine

Andrew Isles
Australian Nature Books

Princeton University Press

Marine Ornithology
Pelagic magazine

40 Million New, Used, Rare and out of Print Books
Only Bird Books

Aquila Antiquariaat
Natural History Books

Bird Photo and Video Links

As I see it! Photography by Myrna Erler-Bradshaw

Les Peters photos
Wildlife photography

Gerhard Brodowski's photo blog
Wildlife photography

David Boag's Natural Focus
Wildlife photography

Bjorn Olesen
Wildlife photography

Images in Nature
Your small group photography tour specialist
Create a Free Account and Download High Resolution Images

Philippe fontaine's Bird Photography
Flying Birds

Lasse Olsson's Bird Photography
Birds in Sweden

Ken Billington's Bird & Wildlife Photography
European bird and wildlife photography

Patrick Rummans's Wildlife Photography.
I have always known that birds would be my passion in life.

Nick Clayton's Wildlife Photography.
A collection of wildlife images captured by myself.

Dean Eades's
His life evolves around his love of birds, wildlife and photography.

Georges Olioso, Port la Nouvelle
719 photos d'oiseaux (385 espèces)

Stock Photography & Royalty Free Stock Photos

Bird Photos at CanStockPhoto

Wildlife and Nature Photographer.
Miguel Lasa's
A guide to nature, macro and landscape film and digital photography

Elliott Kennerson
A film about Snowy Owls in northwestern Montana

Bird Photography
Over 2000 bird pictures
Birds and Nature videos

Richard Pavek's Photo Gallery
Birds and Nature

Birds DesJardin
The Bird Imagery of Don DesJardin

Photos from Holland

Birds and wildlife
Michael Forsberg

Very nice pictures
Photos from Sweden

Post your own bird pictures

Ivan Steenkiste

Natuur Fotografie
Harry Leurmans

Videos from around the world

Digital Chat line

Ethan Meleg
Bird and Nature Photography

The Otter Side
Photo Library

International Gallery

Digital Birding
Digital Photography

If you like snipes

Nature Photographers
Online Magazine

Nigel Blake
Trip Photos

Laurence's Digital Birds
Photo Library

Cursorius Photo & Video Library
Photo and Vidio Library

All Digital Photos

Birds and much more
Photo Library

Nature Portfolio
Outstanding Images

Nature Galleries
Birds and much more

Photos and more

Andy Long's First Light Photo Tours
Tours to top U.S. birding locations and a photo gallery

Pierre Bannon's photos
World birds

Ilia Shalamaev's photos
Post your own bird pictures

Bird Sounds

Internet Bird Collection (IBC)
A non-profit endeavour with the ultimate goal of disseminating knowledge about the world's avifauna.

the community database of shared bird sounds from the whole world.

Soundscapes for Birders
Go Birding by Ear. Natural sound, well recorded, creates a sense of presence like nothing else.
Bird and nature sounds from around the world.

Buteo Books
Birding Books, Audio and Multimedia Guides.

Wildlife Books, Audio and Multimedia Guides.

Bird Songs International
DVD- and CD-ROMs about the birds of tropical places
Bird Songs Australia
Bird Songs

Good Site

What is pishing?
Not quite Bird Sounds

Old Bird
Flight Calls of Migratory Birds

Pelagic Birding

St. Paul Island

Tony Palliser's Pelagic Page

Chris Dahlberg's River Tours

Frank O'Connor's

Blue Water Adventures
British Columbia

Searcher Natural History Tours
San Diego, California

Mitch's Pelagic Trip


Birding the Humboldt Current

The Rain Goddess
Costa Rica

Key West Travel Guide
Florida Keys

Nature Tour Florida
Sarasota, Florida

Louisiana Ornithological Society

Bold Coast

Norton of Jonesport

Bay Ferries
Maine, Maritimes

Assateague Island

New England Seabirds
New England

Long Island, New York

Freeport Water Taxi & Tours
Nautical Mile in Freeport/Long Island, New York

South Africa

Zest for Birds
South Africa

Brian Patteson, Inc.
Virginia and North Carolina


Travel Links

Birdingpal Guides
Guides around the world
Guide to Birds and Habitats
A travel information website for visitors interested in Mexico Vacation Destinations.

Puerto Rico Guide
Make the Puerto Rico Guide your first stop for learning about the advantages of traveling to this gorgeous island.

Admiral Andy's ask about Cruises
World wide cruising

Access Holiday
Exotic Destinations

Roam Mobility
World wide Cell Phones

The Hospitality Club
Free Accommodation
Amsterdam Hotels
Airplane seating

Bangkok Hotels
Discounts hotels with guaranteed lowest rates.

Nature Links

National Wildlife Federation
US Conservation

Canadian Nature Federation
Canadian Conservation

Wetland Conservation

Great Lakes Directory
Environmental Directory

Environmental Web Directory
Great Links if you care about the Environment

World Heritage
Not all wildlife



Defenders of Wildlife
US Site

American Bird Conservation
US Site

Conservation through Birding

Ducks Unlimeted
Wetlands Conservation

Center for Conservation Sciences

Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust
Prevent towers for killing birds

Fatal Light Awareness Program

Commercial Links

For a large selection of Feeders and Information

Hummingbird Guide
For a large selection of Hummingbird Feeders, Accessories and Wind Chimes

Bird Feeder Stations
Best bird friendly products available to attract wild birds to your garden.

Acerca de Samot
Spanish online shop that sells binoculars and telescopes.

Birdwatching Shop
Buy and search for all your birdwatching equipment here at a very affordable prices.

Your Bird Oasis
Helping you Create a Bird Oasis in your Backyard.

Yard Envy
Garden Decor, Outdoor Furniture, Bird Houses and Bird Feeders.

Vine House Farm Bird Foods
A full range of high quality bird foods.

British Bird Lovers
British Bird Lovers is dedicated to anyone who enjoys caring for and observing wild birds.

Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder Guide
If you are looking to learn about squirrels, squirrel proofing your current feeder, or information to help with your next purchase of a bird feeder, you have come to the right place.

Birding Depot, California
Bird feeders, birdhouses, and other wild bird products including helpful bird watching tips.
A comprehensive site for novice bird watchers with tips and helpful articles

Wild Birds and More
Feed them and they will come.

Best Birding
Everything you need for birdwatching
Best habitat for our feathered friends in Florida

Simons Bird Feeders
Your source for Quality feeders

One-of-a-kind hand-made, decorative birdhouses and feeders.

The Bird Brain
For Hummingbird Lovers

Bird Feeders Direct
Independent online resource
Natur gifts and more.
Large selection of bird feeders, birdhouse
and other products.
Excellent resource for birders

BirdGuides Limited
Excellent resource for the traveling birder

Wild Birds Unlimited
Large retail chain catering to Birders
Excellent resource for birders

Heritage Farms
Bird Feeders
Excellent enviromental resource

The Backyard Bird Watcher
All a bird needs in the backyard

The Backyard Bird Company
All a bird needs in the backyard

The Little Chickadee
Feeders, food, houses, and unique gifts for bird lovers.

Shaw Creek Bird Supply
Bird Feeders, houses and much more

Bird Feeders

The Roller Feeder
Designed with Songbirds in mind

The Bird Table
UK wild bird food, bird feeders, bird baths, bird tables and nest boxes.


Thayer Birding Software
Birder's Diary and Field Guides

World Wide Check Lists

Software for Macintosh


Wildlife Computing
UK Software for Birdwatchers

BirdSong Bytes
Palm compatible Bird Song and Picture software

Live Bird Cams

Montana Osprey Project

Peregrine falcons, Toronto

The Dyfi Osprey Project, Wales

Bald eagles of Hornby Island, B.C.

Hancock Wildlife Foundation, bald eagles, various cameras, British Columbia

Decorah bald eagles, Decorah, Ia.

Great blue herons of Sapsucker Woods, Ithaca, N.Y.

Red-tailed hawks, Ithaca, New York

Storks in Poland

National Audubon Society Puffin Burrow, Seal Island, Me.

Channel Island Allen Hummingbird, Orange County, Ca.

Equipment for Birders

Binocular Reviews & Ratings
Binocular Reviews & Ratings

Best Binoculars
Binocular Reviews Website

MyOpticsPro allow you a great view at great prices!

The Binocular Site
The Binocular Site is an independent guide for all things related to the world of binoculars.

One of Europe's leading suppliers of binoculars and spotting scopes.

Morovision Night Vision
Night Vision you Can Trust.

Family Tent Camping
Tents and Camping Equipment

Digital audio recorder

Discount digital cameras, digital camcorders

Optics for Birding
All you want to know about Optics

BVD Online
Birding Optics

Binoculars Direct
Birding Optics

Digital Cameras

Digital Cameras

Joe Mehaffey and Jack Yeazel's GPS
GPS Equipment

Marice Stith Recording Services
Recording of Bird Songs
Online Learning
Night visions

Bogen Photo
Tripod Accessory

The Original Bug Shirt
Birders Garment

Clothing designed for Birders

Hiking Gear

Bear Spray
Bear Repellent

Bird Art

Birdingpal Roy Orozco
Oil and Acrilic Paintings from Costa Rico

Ateljé Gebbe
Gebbe Björkman

Wild Art
David Miller

Paintings and Prints

Wild Life Artists Netlink


Hill Ornithology Collection

Karl’s Studio

Ian Hillery's
Bird seen

Baby Bird Productions
Barbara Freedman-DeVito 

Nature Posters
Art Prints

Pet Links

Mzuri dogs
Get the best dog product reviews from food, health supplies, carriers, gates, doors, dog accessories and more

Best Bird Sites
Many links to pet bird sites around the world

Dog Collars
Hundreds of designer collars for any size dog or pet

African Grey Forums
Parrot news

Beaver Creek Aviary Pet Bird Supplies
All about Pets
Stop your cat killing birds

Pet ID Tags
Pet Identification

Pet Cards etc.

Best friends
Pet lodging

Advanced Dog Collars
Collars for all Pets

Fine Pet ID Tags
Pet Identification
All About Parrots as Pets

Cool Links
Jewelry for birders

Tina McDonald's
National Birds

Birds of the World on Postage Stamps
Birds of the World

WildLife Website
All about animals

If you are into Mushrooms

Ledidopterist's Society
If you are into Butterflies

The Dragonfly Website
If you are into Dragonflies
If you are into Bats

If you are into Ants

International Dove Society

Birdchat Quiz
Test your birding skill

Soothe the nerves

Miscellaneous Links
Birders Tatoos
Visit the Owl nest

SpiderTech Birdnets
Banding Equipment

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