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Georgia - Birds between the Black Sea and Caucasus
Sept 8th to the 19th

Germany - Great Bustards, Cranes and more
Oktober 12 to 15, 2015

Mongolia Forest, Steppe, Mountain and Desert (May - Sept.)

Brochure (PDF 1.5mb)

16 Days
From Siberian Taiga Forest To Vast Grassland Steppe In Eastern Mongolia
MAY 25 to JUNE 11 2015

Reed Parrotbill
Reed Parrotbill
© Mongolica

13 Days
From Largest Freshwater Lakes To Mongolian Altai Mountain In The Western Mongolia
June 12 to June 25 2015

Upland Buzzard
© Mongolica

12 Days
For White-Naped Crane, Mongolian Accentor, Henderson's Ground Jay And Altai Snowcock
June 15 to June 27 2015

Upland Buzzard
© Mongolica

8 Days
For Upland Buzzard. From Siberian Taiga Through Central Asian Steppe In Mongolia
May through Sept

Upland Buzzard
© Mongolica

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Knud Rasmmusen

You do not need to be an expert birder to contact a Pal, but these are serious birdwatchers and they are willing to help.  It is a privilege to contact them, and your message should reflect decent respect.

A Birding Pal does not get paid. However, should they offer to take you out birding using their own vehicle, it would be courteous to pay for the fuel.  A lunch and/or a small gift would also be appropriate.  Something as simple as a souvenir of your country, or a pin from your local birding club.

Pals will answer your messages quickly, if they can.  You might write to someone who is traveling, so write to more than one Pal, and be patient.  Let us know if someone doesn't answer and we'll check that everything is okay.  Let us know when you are going to met, with who, and then let us know how it went.

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Thank you for being a Pal.

Birding Pal is a well established global website for traveling birders to contact locals who love to go birdwatching with visitors from around the world.

You can find information about birdwatching in a place you plan to travel to and maybe find someone to go with.

If you know your endemics from your migranitories you can show a hotspot to someone who lives far away.

Start by clicking a continent on the map or select from the list.

Read the listings of Pal around the world who like to go birdwatching with Pals.

Contact a few Pals and get the conversation started. You'll need a passphrase from Contact Pals Subscribe $10 a year.

To become a Pal, meet a few Pals listed in your area and see if you'd like to do it. If so, then go to Become A Pal

We list local professional birdwatching guides who will take you birdwatching for a fee at the bottom of each Country/Province/Search page..

As well, we have selected locally run tour operators who will arrange birdwatching vacations; hotels, transportation, meals and fees. Birding Pal Tours

We offer a list of recommended Birding Friendly Lodgings, that are great places to stay, on the budget end of the scale, that are near hotspots and where they love birds, or at least they love birders. Birding Friendly Lodging

Knud made a list of his suggestions for birding books (field guides) by area of the world, at Birding Pal Recommended Field Guides

Going on a business trip, to a conference or on vacation?  Will you have a bit of extra time?  Don't waste it.  Go birdwatching and enjoy the company of a local birder.

Our Pal's Kudos

Audubon's Noah Strycker's Blog follows his challenge for 5,000 birds in one year!

"... Today, though, I was more concerned with chasing the flashy types. I have connected through Birding Pal (a website where birders can find contacts in other countries) with two excellent Costa Rican birders, R. Orozco and J. Fernandez, and we're on a mission this week to track down some of Costa Rica's most eye-catching beauties."
Noah Strycker

link: Features: Birding Without Borders

I have been very happy with the two times I have used Birding Pal.

A year ago I paid $10.00 USD, but I would prefer that you unsubscribe me now.

When/if I'm in a position to use Birding Pal again,

I will gladly pay the $10.00 at that time.

- Bill W.

(admin: Done. And did you know, you can do all that at

Thank you very much.
That was so kind!
I was able to send a message and paid the $10
I am now getting some good response. My Florida trip is now even more promising for great birding!
Thank you,
G'day, Brent is a great site. Easily worth the annual $10 for anyone birding away from home.
Cheers John

I recently was led on a birding outing in the Fontainebleau Forest by a Birding Pal in Paris, France. He was a wonderful guide and took care of many details.
Great service!
R. Currie, California

Contact Admin,
Just wanted to let you know that we had a fabulous time with Birdingpals and a guide recently in Belgium, England, and Poland. Thank you so much for this site.

Do you take visiting birders out?

I sure do take birders out each chance I get. Still quit busy at work :). But if I can, I go out with them cause it's so much fun, and I know, from personal experience, there is no field guide or web site or whatever that can replace the personal experience of a birder who knows his region well, and what birds should be there and were.

So, if for whatever reason I can't get out or they are going to a part of the province that is far from Moncton, I always try and give them at least the best information possible and if possible contacts with local people, that I know would be open to birding with them.

Your idea for this site was a stroke of genius and you should know that you have made a lot of people happy with it. Thanks a million.

Good birding.
LeBlanc, Canada

Thanks for a great website.
Regards, M and D Lord, Canada.

Thanks for the delightful service you provide. We've had birders from Germany, Spain, Texas and a few from California. It is so wonderful to meet such dedicated and interesting people.
Julie and Amir

I am very happy for seen me on Birding Pal website as a contact local birdwatcher in Sierra Leone. I appreciate that very much and i will ready to give my support as soon as i start getting contact from client who want to bird in my country.

I will always keep in touch with Birding Pal.
Best Regard,
M. Sesay

I have used Birding Pal in Florida with great success.

Birding Pals is a great site. Easily worth the annual $10 for anyone birding away from home.

Dear Birding Pal, We have used your web site 3 times for birdwatching tours.In 2012 with Moses Kandie in Kenya,in2013 with Deogratius Muhumuza in Uganda.Moses and Deo were extremely good birders but also good organisers.We would have no hesitation in recommending them or using them for another trip.
Helen and Fabrice

Great job, thank you so much dear Vince.
Happy birding to you too!

Thanks for the quick reply, Vince.
--Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming: "WOW--What a Ride!"

Thanks for the quick reply.
--Sent from my iPhone

Thank you, That is a most generous response. ...we won't be able to take advantage of your kind offer, but I appreciate your responding.

That's a relief! I did get some good suggestions for birding spots in Arlington TX before my trip last March!
Thanks for the quick reply!

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Many new friendships are made around the world with Birding Pal.

Example Message To A Pal

My friend and I will be in the Baltimore area from Aug. 1st until the 13th and we'd love to go birding in the early mornings.
We both are long time birders in the Florida Quays but have not been to your area yet.
Water fowl is what we're use to, so we're excited to be traveling to Maryland.

We both can walk a fair bit on a level hike, five hours or so. Do you like to go early?
The hotspots in your area sound great. We'd like to see the Park most but they all sound terrific.
And we were wondering if you had recordings to play.

If your interested in guiding us we'd look forward to meeting you. We can contribute to gas and take you to lunch.

Thank you for being a Pal,
Vince (& Knud)