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  • If you are you an independent birdwatcher, who does not care for large group tours, then Birdingpaltours is for you
  • Our tours are flexible, safe and the use of a local guide lets you participate in the planning
  • A local guide knows all the hotspots and you get the most out of your trip
  • You select the date and length for a trip to suit yourself
  • If your time is limited, we’ll design a tour to fit your needs
  • A professional Birdingpal guide can customize your tour, and you will see the birds you want.
  • Your guide is also your travel companion, who will make sure you experience the native people, scenery, culture, history and food, first hand.
  • You will enjoy the advantage of all the attention you get in a small group, for the same price or perhaps even less, than you will pay if you travel with the large tour groups from other countries
  • Remember, the next time you travel, you do not have to miss going birdwatching if your partner or travel companions are non birders; a local guide is flexible, and can easily accommodate other needs too
  • Hiring a Birdingpal guide will boost the local economy, and help protect birds and other wildlife and their habitat

Birding Alberta

The Canadian Prairies are more than vast expanses of open skies and grain fields. Visitors are often amazed at the varied habitats in these supposedly flat plains. You will find everything from sloughs, river valleys, lakes, low hills and riparian habitats. For example, with Wayne you will visit Elk Island National Park. This national park protects an area of Aspen parkland and is home to herds of Plains Bison, Wood Bison, Elk and Moose; and with over 250 recorded species, it has an IBA (Important Bird Area) designation.
Why not let Wayne show you his beautiful backyard if you are in the Edmonton area. As his promotion says … Edmonton Tourism award winning tour guide, Wayne Millar brings experience, skill, professionalism and fun to your birdwatching tour in the Beaver Hills area located 1 hour east of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

"Bald Eagle

Electronic map of Alberta

Birding the Edmonton Area with Wayne Millar

A typical birding tour starts in the morning and includes driving many of the back roads surrounding both Blackfoot and Elk Island, with stops at various staging areas to look for birds. The area is in a major migratory path, providing opportunities to see hawks and eagles in spring and fall and a large number of herons, pelicans, warblers and blackbirds during the summer months.


The Beaver Hills area including the Blackfoot Forest Reserve and Elk Island National Park is home to more than 250 species of birds. Most are migratory, either breeding in the area or passing through in spring or fall. Birds to look for include Mountain Bluebirds, Red-tailed Hawks, Mallards, Scaup, Killdeer, Red-winged Blackbirds, American Pelicans, Ruddy Ducks, many birds of prey, including hawks and falcons. Other birds include Goldfinches, Rose-breasted Grosbeaks, Blue Jays, White-breasted Nuthatches, Hairy and Downy Woodpeckers and Northern Flickers.
No need to pack a lunch ... Wayne provides a hearty trail meal along the way.

Price: CDN$165 per person.
Length of Tour 8 hours. Includes transportation, trail meal and Park entrance fees

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For more details please send a message to Wayne.   

Birding guide Wayne Millar, your local Birdingpal guide
Wayne holds a Province of Alberta operating authority to provide bird watching, wildlife viewing hiking and nature tours within the Cooking Lake - Blackfoot Grazing, Wildlife and Provincial Recreation Area and a Parks Canada outdoor activities license for Elk Island National Park. Both Parks are adjacent to one another and comprise the major land area within the Beaver Hills area. Both Parks also made up the majority of Canada's first forest reserve established in 1895. Wayne has received significant awards of recognition of his skills, dedication to customer service, market development and environmental commitment from Travel Alberta, Frommer's International Travel Guide, Edmonton Tourism, the Economic Developers' Association of Canada and the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce.

During my tenure as the Ranger-in-Charge of the Cooking Lake - Blackfoot Forest Reserve, I had the pleasure of watching Wayne conduct tours since 2001 with a wide variety of guests from all around the world. His knowledge of the history, trails network and mammals and birds of the Beaver Hills area is second to none. His guiding practises are to be commended. Edwin Whitelock, Ranger-in-Charge (ret), Cooking Lake - Blackfoot Forest Reserve.

Guide books and CD's recommended:

National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of North America, 5th edition
The Sibley Field Guide to Birds of Eastern North America, D Sibley Knopf 2003

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Bird Recordings from Alberta

Monty Brigham Sound field guide to Canada's birds. Produced as boxed sets of either 4 cassettes or 2 CD-packs, each containing 32-page booklets.

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