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Initial Last Name Area Available Language
J Berry Clinton Anytime English
Retiring birding enthusiast. Specializing in Bluebirds and nest box building of all kinds etc. I live in North central Arkansas with a mile of shoreline on beautiful Greers Ferry Lake. I service and maintain 12 Bluebird trails consisting of 244 nesting boxes. I am an active member of the National Bluebird Society and on their speakers list. But do other birding activities as well. Lots of animals, fish and wildlife on my 300 acre farm as well as plenty of birding activity including two waterfalls on a continually flowing creek. If you are interested in a day of birding activity in this area, please give me a call so we can arrange a date.
S Berger Ft. Smith Anytime English
J Popp Ft. Smith Anytime English
I am a wildlife photographer. We enjoy being out side, traveling, visiting our state parks, walking and easy hiking.
D Cohen Ft. Smith Anytime English, but I can wave my hands about and point at things
Probably the most notable bird to see in our part of AR is the endangered Red-Cockaded Woodpecker, reliably seen at Buffalo Creek. I'm always up for a trip to Cache River (near Little Rock, about 3.5 hours from here) to search for the fabled IBW. We have so many birding sites here. Depending on the time of year, we have Yellow-Headed Blackbirds, various shorebirds, eagles -- take a look at an Arkansas checklist. Mt. Magazine is 45 minutes away to look for the Rufous-Crowned Sparrow. Many many warblers at migration. Terrain: mountains, marshes, meadows, riparian zones, woodlands, bayous. A common bird is the Scissor-Tailed Flycatcher, which might not be so common for some people (This bird is in the book, 100 Birds to See Before You Die by David Chandler and Dominic Couzens).
C Cooley Garfield Weekend English
Pea Ridge National Military Park. Bird walks every last Saturday of the month. Birders are to meet at the visitors.
G Wolcott Garfield Anytime English
Pea Ridge National Military Park. Bird walks every last Saturday of the month. Birders are to meet at Pea Ridge National Military Park visitors center at 8:00am.
J Butler Hot Springs Anytime English
I first became interested in serious birding when the IBWP was thought to have been photoed in East Arkansas, and have visited that area many time since. I have not seen the Ivory-billed (yet), but I have photographed 170 Arkansas bird species. I now live in Hot Springs AR, 50 miles west of Little Rock. That is in Garland County. Birding "Hot Spots" in my area and a bird I've seen at each place include Hot Springs National Park (Summer Tanager), Hulsey Fish Hatchery (Stilt Sandpiper), Garvan Woodland Gardens (Red-headed Woodpeckers), Beaver Dam Trail in Hot Springs Village (Winter Wren), three large lakes [Oauchita (a Heron Rookery), Hamilton (Spotted Sandpipers)and Katherine [Yellow-throated Vireo}], and Gulpha Gorge (Louisiana Waterthrush) among others. I'm out of town a good bit, but when I'm in Garland County I go birding almost every day, and would enjoy your company. Once or twice a month I take day trips from Hot Springs to bird in other parts of the state if I can get there and back on a tank of gas or less. On these trips I have seen nesting Black-neckd Stilts, Red-cockaded Woodpeckers, American Bittern, and once even a Black-legged Kittywake. I check the Arkansas Rare Bird List regularly and usually know where raraties are being seen in the state. Even if I'm out of town, I will be pleased to direct you to those locations via e-mail or phone if you want me to call. Week-days are usually better for me than weekends.
Peace and Birds, J Butler
J Gammon Millwood Lake Anytime English
S Dashner Mountain View Anytime English
Live in Rural area, lots of locations to visit. Also close to nearby Blanchard Springs State Park which is good bird migration area with creeks and Mirror lake.
A Young Rogers Weekend English
A deep water lake, Beaver Lake, National Forests are near the area, Eureka Springs, AR is a neighbor city that is internationally known.
A Gwin West Memphis Anytime English
I bird mostly Wapanocca Wildlife Refuge and bird the Delta during the winter for ducks and geese. Do not bird on Sundays.

Professional Guides

If you contact a professional Birdingpal guide you must be prepared to pay a fee for guiding services.

Initial Last Name Area Available Language
A Mueller Arkansas Anytime English
Birding with Allan Mueller: Allan has birded extensively in Arkansas and is very familiar with the state’s birding hot spots. I’ve had the pleasure of birding with him on many occasions. He is extremely knowledgeable. I always finish our trips with a new insight and a better appreciation of the birds we’ve seen. Allan has a keen ear and a sharp eye and effortlessly identifies the birds and their vocalizations. If you have a target species, he works hard to find it. Allan is competent, thorough, patient, and committed. I highly recommend using him as a guide.
Karen Holliday

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