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JFernandez Fernandez-Elipe Candeleda, Avila anytime English and Spanish
I am a local birder and I can guarantee this is one of the best birding areas in Spain where you can find most of the iberian specialties with an outstanding landscape!

You will also enjoy the culture of the area with its delicious food and wine ;)
Gredos mountain range, Valle del Tiatar, Arrocampo, Monfrag e

Area Birds:
Great bustard, Iberian bluethroat, Spanish imperial eagle, bonelli ´s eagle
Nature: birdwatching, twitching, photography, butterflies, swimming, stroll, walking, hiking, climbing, train, bus, car, hitchhiking, biking, long walk, packpack, portage, canoe, ship, cruise, Visit: tourist site, museum, restaurant, club, vineyard, monument, arboretum, architecture appreciation, shop, antique, fashion, techAttend: concert, horse race, ballet, dance show, theatre, live music, sports event, auction, antique, convention, political rally, protest, competition, swapParticipate: night life, party, dance, club, bar, rock, classical, wine, beer

S Pinedo Nerpio, Albacete Anytime Spanish, English
Nerpio is a mountain area close to Murcia region and Andalucia (Jaen and Granada provinces). We are in Sierra del Segura Range. The main birds in the area are vulture species as Griffon Vulture, Egyptian Vulture and if you are very lucky Bearded Vulture. Other raptors as Booted Eagles, Short-toed Eagles, Peregrine Falcon and Golden Eagle, are quite common. In winter is a very good are to observe wintering species as Ring Ouzel, Siskin, Alpine Accentor, Citril Finch and thrushes species.The landscapes are amazing and in the municipality there are a net of bird observatories and marked paths.
R Marsh Pilar De La Horadada, Alicante Anytime English, some Spanish
Have been a ringer for 27 years & lived in Spain for 4 years. Local area includes Mar Menor with 2 areas of salt lakes, Flamingoes, Avocets, Stilts, Herons, Kentish Plovers, Little Terns in summer. In winter Slender-billed Gulls, Auduins Gulls, Black-necked Grebes, Spoonbills & waders. 40 min drive to El Fondo reserve with great variety incl. Marbled Duck, White-headed Duck, Red-crested Pochard, Purple Swamphen, Penduline Tit, Reedling, Cettis, Montague & Marsh Harriers and Prtincoles.
J Suarez Cadiz & El Puerto de Santa Maria, Andaluci­a & Cadiz Anytime English, some Spanish
More than 20 years in active contact with the Nature of my state. 10 years deeply involved in bird conservacy organizations. Skilled trekker and in managing activities in country side. My city is in the Area of the Natural Park "Bahia de Cadiz" a hotspot for waders and migrating birds to Africa.
R Wright Benamargosa(Torre del Mar), Malaga Anytime English
Now living on a mountain top in southern Spain and keep a daily "Birding Diary" of what's about, etc. Regular visits to good sites in this area as well as further afield such as Donana, Cabo de Gata and Extramedera. Was a "ringer" in UK before I retired. Have also stayed at Gibraltar Field House. Enjoy company on my birding visits and would welcome others who want to join me. Still have a small house in Stamford, Lincolnshire, UK to which we return at regular periods (usually for no more than a week at a time) so that I can keep an eye on my aged parents. Also gives me an opportunity to pay regular visits to Rutland Water (10 miles/16kn away from home). NOTE: I also have a second email address which I can access both here in Spain and back in the UK:
P Hale Casares, Andalucia Anytime English, Spanish, French
I live with my husband John on a 6 acre finca in the mountains near the beautiful white village of Casares. We have a casita (small house) in which you can stay at a cost of 40 euros per night for 2 people. Then you are on site ready to birdwatch in the morning! We have Griffon Vultures, Booted and Short-toed Eagles visible from our terrace, together with Blue Rock Thrush and cheeky Sardinian Warblers. In the Spring, I can find you Bee-eaters, Woodchat Shrikes, Golden Orioles (May onwards) whilst Cetti's Warblers and Nightingales sing constantly. Occasionally an Eagle Owl can be seen at dawn or dusk. In addition I run 2 moth traps with 850+ species and wildflowers are prolific (200+sp). Tarifa and La Janda are possible as a day trip and at La Janda in the winter up to 1000 cranes are present. At breakfast, on clear mornings you can see the African coast from our terrace. Malaga is 110kms away and so I am not able to pick people up from there, but if you can get here with a hire car or take a bus to a closer spot, then I can help you!
M Peregrina Costa del Sol, Andalucia Anytime English
J Campos Mïlaga, Andalucia Weekend Spanish, English
Birds and plants in Andalucia region.

D Henderson Arrieta, Bizkaia Weekends / Wednesdays English, Spanish, French, Basque
I'm a secondary school teacher, married and have three children aged 14 to 22. Interested in helping visiting birders and showing them around Area:
Urdaibai / Santoña / Local hills

Area Birds:
Nature: birdwatching photography, butterflies, politics, cinema, food
F Chiclana Sevilla/Cádiz/Huelva, Andalucia Anytime Spanish, English
Francisco Chiclana, graduated in natural sciences from the University of Granada, author of the book "Where to watch birds in Donana", with first-hand knowledge and bird-tour leading experience in the region. A full-time naturalist, independent tour guide, he has been studying the birds of Donana and Western Andalucia, SW Spain, for many years and works on many of the projects that are being run in the area. He is also co-author of the "Birds of the Province of Seville" and a great traveler watching birds in several countries. For birding in Donana and its surroundings, please send a message to Francisco.
J Laborda Zaragoza, Aragon Anytime Spanish, English, French


  M Rodriguez Hoyo de Manzanares, Madrid Anytime Spanish, English, French
  I am a keen amateur birdwatcher located in a small town 30km north Madrid and in driving distance of a number of good birding spots.

I am happy to provide local intel to birders visiting my local area and show them around. Not actually free at any time, but my working hours are flexible... with a bit of prewarning.
Madrid, PN Montfrague and Extremadura, Hoces del Duraton, Lagunas de la Mancha

Area Birds:
Spanish Imperial Eagle, Vultures, Bonellia's Eagle, Lesser Kestrel, Bustards (Great, Little),Sandgrouses, Larks (Duponta's, Calandra, Short-toed), Citril Finch, Red-necked Nightjar, Warblers (Moustached, Spectacled, Orpheana), both Rock Thrushes, Wheatears (Black-Eared, Black), Roller, Great Spotted Cuckoo, Gull-billed Tern

birding, swimming, running, cycling, wine, beer

D Garcia-Bellido Madrid, Asturias Weekend Spanish, English
E Amengual Piedrahita, Avila Anytime Spanish, English
I've been birding since I was a child, I'm now 48. The Sierra de Gredos is a beautiful mountain area in central Spain with some excellent birding.
C Martinez Albacete, Castilla La Mancha Weekend Spanish, English
Interested in birds since a child, I studied Biology. I am in charge of de Important Bird Area(IBA) Yecla-Almansa-Pétrola, a very good area for Bustards, Little Bustard, Pin-tailed and Black-bellied Grouse and another Spanish specialities. Around Albacete, it is easy to find Bonelli`s Eagle, Lesser Kestrel, Black Wheatear. This area is quite close to the coast, Alicante, Valencia region and to Madrid, in spite of being well comunicated it is underwatched.
F Arce Santander, Cantabria Weekend English
P Alzina-Bilbeny Arenys de Mar-Barcelona, Catalonia Anytime Catalan, Spanish, English, French, Italian
R Guera Arenys de Mar-Barcelona, Catalonia Anytime English
E Badosa Arenys de Mar-Barcelona, Catalonia Anytime Catalan, Spanish, English
I'm a ringer and I know all the sites around Catalonia especilly Pyrenees and Ebro's Delta.
L Gustamante Barcelona, Catalonia Anytime Catalan, Spanish, some English
I'm 40 years old, birdwatching from 82 and ringer for 10 years. Now I prefer only birdwatching. I know the Llobregat delta, 10Km from Barcelona and where you can find some Catalan specialities.
I'm free on Sundays and some Saturdays. Perhaps my job give me time to go between the week, but with a charge. I can send you information where to bird watching.
O Baena Parets del vallïs, Barcelona, Catalonia Anytime Catalan, Spanish, English
I'm a young birder from a small town near Bacelona. I know the most of the patches to birding in Catalonia to find C. diomedea, P. yelkouan and mauretanicus, G. barbatus, A. monachus, H. fasciatus, E. caeruleus, F. eleonorae, p. porphyrio, T. tetrax, L. audouinii, L. genei, C. glandarius, C. ruficollis, G. theklae, H. daurica, P. collaris, O. hispanica, O. leucura, M solitarius and saxatilis, S. hortensis, melanochephala, conscipillata, cantillans and undata, C. juncidis, a. melanopogon, M. nivallis, P. petronia, S. citrinella, E. cia ... and other speciallities from this small country, so attractives for birders of the north.
A Torrent Girona (Barcelona), Catalonia Anytime Catala, Espanyol, Frances, Ingles
Parc natural dels aiguamolls del emporda.Catalunya.
A Comas Girona, Catalonia Weekend Catalan, Spanish, English, French
D Valverde Pyrinees, Catalonia Anytime Catalan, Spanish, English, Italian
JC Fernandez Odz Terrassa, Barcelona, Catalonia Anytime Spanish, Catalan, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Greek
M Peris Vilafranca del Penedïs/Barcelona, Catalonia Weekend Catalan, Spanish, English, Italian
E Capella Cambrils, Tarragona, Catalonia Weekend Catalan, English, French
I'm one world birdwatcher. I live in Cambrils 1 hour north from Delta de l'Ebre, the bigest wetland in Catalonia. In Cambrils in late winter early spring you can see the bigest world concentration of Mediterranean Gull.
I Parrillo Villafranca de Cordoba, Cordoba Weekend Spanish, English
In the midle of Andalucia. This area is Euro-Mediterranean Region. The whether is hot in sumer, but in winter the temperature is fantastic: 18-25 Celcius. The bird in this area are: Imperial Eagle, Black Vulture, Black Stork, Bonelli's Eagle...and it is posible see Iberian Linx. Cordoba is near to Natural Park Andujar, Doiana and Sierra Nevada. It is a beautiful place from other birds like waders South of Cordoba.
I Fernandez a Coruña, Galicia Anytime Spanish, English, Italian
CD Romai-Cousido A Corunha/O Grove, Galicia/Galiza Weekend Galician, Portuguese, Spanish, English
Galician capes are very good in autumn/fall, with passage of thousands of seabirds. Beaches, marshes, reservoirs and lagoons along the coast can hold Nearctic birds, mostly during autumn-winter. Mediterranean specialities(warblers, shrikes, buntings, etc.) are also found in SE Galicia.
G Carbonell Agullï Peralada, Girona Anytime Spanish, English
My area have marshes and sea cliffs of Cap de Creus Natural Park. In one day you can see a lot of species of ducks and seabirds.
S Shortt Ubeda, Jaen Anytime Español/English
I live in the town of Ubeda in the province of Jaen in Andalucia. Spain. The National Park of Andujar is a 75 minute drive. ( Many birds and mammals can be seen including raptors such as Black vulture and Imperial eagle, and if you are lucky the Iberian lynx). The Natural Park of Cazorla and Segura is a 60 minute drive ( Many birds and mammals can be seen including raptors such as griffon vultures and golden eagles, ibex and red deer. A project to reintroduce the Lammergeier is underway).
C Gutierrez Logroño, La Rioja Anytime English
J Blanco Málaga, Málaga Anytime Spanish, English
I am a ornithologist living in a very good area for birdwatchers.
A Sandoval Málaga, Málaga Weekend English, Spanish
K Reeves Peurto Pollenca, Mallorca(Winter) Anytime English
D Villanua Mendigorria, Navarra Weekend Spanish, English
I'm a veterinarian who are working in wildlife management in Navarra (North of Spain). This is a small region where is possible find a lot of different habitat in a few kilometers. Thus, you can observe some steppe birds like the Dupont Lark and mountain birds like the Bearder Vulture during only one day.
G Gorospe Pamplona, Navarra Anytime Spanish, English, Basque, Dutch
Navarra, the Pyrenees and the Ebro Valley are regions with a very high biodiversity, including birds: high mountain, cliffs, wetlands, forests, steppes, scrubland and much more can be visited here.
O Infante Salamanca Anytime English
M Valencia Alcazar de San Juan, Ciudad Real Anytime English, Spanish
There are many different swamps and ponds plenty of birds. This is an area very good for another birds and it is very entertaining place. Interests:
Nature: birdwatching
I Dies Valencia, Valencia Anytime Spanish, English
A Rodrigo Villafáfila, Arribes del Duero, Zamora Anytime English

Professional Guides

If you contact a professional Birdingpal guide you must be prepared to pay a fee for guiding services.

Name Company Area Available Language

Vicent Esteller Donana Wings Seville and Andalusia, Andalusia Anytime Spanish and English.

I've been watching and studying birds for as long as I can remember.

To make my wish come true, to turn my passion into my way of life and share with my customers the Andalusian natural treasures I have created Donana Wings.

Discover with us all the typical birds of Southern Spain!

Donana National Park, Sierra Morena, Grazalema Mountains, Strait of Gibraltar

Area Birds:
Spanish Eagle, Iberian Magpie, Iberian Chiffchaff, Bald Ibis. All species that can be found in Southwestern Spain.

Professional birdwatching guide

Visit our web:
Tel: + 34 690 34 08 31

Daniel Roca Catalonia Birding Experience Barcelona, Catalonia Anytime English, Spanish, Catalan

From the Pyrenees to the inland steppes and the coastal marshes, I have been birding in Catalonia for more than 25 years.

Are you visiting Barcelona and planning to go birding? Get a birding tour and simply enjoy the trip. I take care of all the details.

Contact me, I'll be happy to answer all your questions!

Pyrenees, inland Steppes, Ebro Delta, Llobregat Delta, Garraf, Monegros, etc.

Area Birds:
Wallcreeper, Little Bustard, Black-bellied Sandgrouse, Pin-tailed Sandgrouse. Four species of vulture. All species that can be found in the north-western Mediterranean region.

Professional birding guide

Visit my website and blog:
Phone: 34+ 686 846 177

Manu Mojarro Wild Donana Huelva, Andalucia Anytime English, Spanish

Manu is a wildlife enthusiast almost since birth. Has years of experience as group leader and heritage expert, and has been organising professional birding and walking tours since 2004.

Due to his love for Nature, he founded the tour company Platalea and the non-profit organisation Brizna to preserve the local natural heritage.

However, his latest project is Wild Donana for a full-time dedication to lead birders and walkers from all over the world.

Donana National Park, Odiel Marshes Biosphere Reserve, Sierra Morena and Tarifa

Area Birds:
Iberian Magpie, Spanish Imperial Eagle, Iberian Grey Shrike, Iberian Chiffchaff



Manuel Birding Tarifa Manuel Morales Holgado Tarifa, Cadiz/Andalucia Anytime Spanish and English
Since he started to study Environmental Sciences in Huelva, Manuel has combined the university with volunteering for SEO Birdlife and Donana Biological Station, in addition to work like environmental educator in the Odiel Marshes. Later, in 2007 he got to be an Expert Ringer by the Donana Biological Station. Since 2012 he has been the head of Birding Tarifa and Manuel has worked as a zoology teacher at the Huelva University, has taught talks and courses for SEO Birdlife and worked in Donana National Park in several bird banding and tracking projects for the Andalusian Government and the Station Biological of Donana (Glossy Ibis, Spoonbill, Black Kites, Black necked Grebe..) Area:
Tarifa/Strait of Gibraltar/Cadiz/Donana/Morocco

Area Birds:
Egyptian vulture, Bonelli's eagle, Spanish imperial eagle, Marbled duck...

Guillermo Bernal and
Daniel Gonzalez
Artenara, Las palmas/Gran Canaria Anytime Spanish, English

We are a little team of two local birders from Gran Canaria.

Daniel is a true nature specialist. When someone is shooting a nature documentary film in Gran Canaria they call him as nature assitant.

He works in many projects as archaeologist, nature researcher and local development activities related to nature conservancy.

He knows where the animals and plants of the island are. Anything that you want to see he knows where it is. He is a true local nature guide!

The other part of the team is Guillermo: He is an enthusiastic Canary Islands official tour guide. He speaks English and is also a birder. He worked four years as a birdwatching guide in Donana National Park, and now he is working as a private guide in Gran Canaria, knowing the secrets, histories and curiosities of the island.

With us you will enjoy the birds of the island and also the beauty of the environment in a private trip where you see the birds that you want to see and we adapt the route for you to maximize the joy of your experience!!

Pinewoods, Laurel Forest, Steppes, all included in the Canarian protected areas

Area Birds:
Fringilla polatzeki (only 350 birds in the whole world) Columba junoniae

Gran Canaria Sightseeing is focused in nature and culture trips

Azaenegue is totally focused in environmental education and nature trips for local people (but we have amazing pictures of endemic flora and fauna there)

Bird watching

Christian Juri Azaenegue, Naturalistas en Gran Canaria Artenara, Gran Canaria Anytime English, Spanish, German

Originally from the Austrian Alps and trained as an anthropologist in London, Christian has been living on the Canary Islands since 2015 and is a true nature lover. He is collaborating with Daniel Gonzalez Rodriguez, a renowned local expert who apart from being an experienced birdwatcher, has also been working as a guide in flora, geology and archeology of the island and has been consulted for numerous nature documentaries.

Gran Canaria

Area Birds:
Endemic birds: Fringilla polatzeki, Phylloscopus canariensis

Please see our facebook:

B Buckler Andalucia Anytime English, Spanish
Bob Buckler an experienced bird guide with over 30 years of field study under his belt and over 20 years tour guide experience. Bob has led over 200 tours during the last 20 years including a 10 year stint as a freelance bird guide for the Portland Heights Hotel, Dorset, England where he set up, and led, their successful weekend breaks. He has also led tours the length and breadth of Britain with American birders during that time. He has travelled extensively in the UK. Spain, Morocco, France and Greece and made birding trips to parts of the USA, Canada, Israel, The Gambia, Egypt and the Balearic Islands.
Bob is successful because he offers a casual approach to bird-watching and guides with an easy going, friendly nature. You are not lectured to or confused with too much “expert” knowledge, the trips are good humoured and suitable for beginners and accomplished bird-watchers alike.
M Richardson Grenada, Andalucia Anytime English
I greatly enjoyed wonderful birding in a delightful area, easily accessible to magic areas of scenic beauty. I've never encountered a bird leader who tried harder to ensure the most was made of a tour. Fantastic birds, even from the cosy accommodation so well catered for by Jayne. I wish her and Mick well, their care for detail and hospitality deserves the best.
Dennis Coutts (The Shetland Birder). Lerwick, Shetland Islands.


  David Warrington & Yanina Maggiotto Valencia Birding Valencia, Mediterranean coast Anytime English, Spanish

Valencia Birding is operated by David Warrington and Yanina Maggiotto, both fluent English speaking professional birding guides. We design and provide tailor made guided birding day-trips and holidays for individuals, couples and small groups.

We are based in Valencia on the Mediterranean coast of Spain, an area that's extremely rich in habitat diversity.

Our trips range from single day trips to week long holidays, and are all designed specifically for the client, based on his or her wishes and priorities.

We also have a range of trips to bird photography hides for those who wish to dedicate time specifically to photography.

We never mix groups, preferring to focus on top levels of service and value.

Our range of trips and birding sites include coast, extensive wetlands, salt marshes, mountains, steppe, highland forest, desert and farmland. This diversity offers a great range of bird species, including Balearic and Yelkouan Shearwaters, White Headed Duck, Marbled Teal, Collared Pratincole, Short Toed Eagle, Egyptian Vulture, Alpine Accentor, Great Bustard, Crested Tit, Bee Eater, Trumpeter Finch, Crane, Eagle Owl plus many, many more.

Area Birds:
Balearic and Yelkouan Shearwaters, White Headed Duck, Marbled Teal, Collared Pratincole, Short Toed Eagle, Egyptian Vulture, Alpine Accentor, Great Bustard, Crested Tit, Bee Eater, Trumpeter Finch, Crane, Eagle Owl a great variety of waders, terns and aquatic species.

Nature: birdwatching
P Lucio Gandia, Valencia Anytime Spanish, English, Catalan
Pau Lucio is the main tour guide for all tours. Forestry Engineer and MSc. in Environmental Science, was born in Gandia (Valencia). He has collaborated with Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust Slimbridge (UK) as a reserve warden. He has worked also as a warden in the coastal mountains of Gandia. Currently he is involved in conservation projects about bird migration and the importance of Spanish coastal wetlands. He is very keen on ringing and he is one of the members who runs the ringing station in Pego-Oliva Marsh Natural Park. He speaks Spanish (native tongue), Catalan and English.

R Benjumea Andalusia and Seville Anytime Spanish, English
"With Ecotono Birding you will meet the most beautiful, richness and unknown areas for birds close to Sevilla and Andalusia. In our half and full day tours you’ll enjoy wild nature in the surroundings of Seville. Birdwatching and Nature walking are easy in every season of the year. We conform the tour to your requirements, birding, photography, walks, interesting species, etc… let know what do you want and we’ll make your tour.

Ecotono Birding is a spanish guide company which only uses professional and multi-lingual (English – Spanish) local guides on our tours. You will be guided by expert ornithologists who love our work. More than 15 years working with nature and birds.

Your small groups guarantee personal attention during the whole tour and the chances to see target species are much higher than travelling with larger groups. Relaxed tours but with an extremely high success rate in finding the main specialities of every region. Further info about trip reports available on our photo-blog"

Our web is you also can find us on Facebook and Twitter
The email is and the phone +34 625 498 609
You can check our pictures on our Flickr gallery

L Alberto Costa Del Sol (Malaga, Andalusia, Spain) Anytime Spanish, English
Luis Alberto was deeply influenced in his childhood by the mourned Spanish naturalist Felix Rodriguez de la Fuente, who raised his passion for Nature. A school teacher gave him an old bird guide as a present and that was the beginning of an exciting play of searching, knowing and watching the birds of Malaga.

For experts or beginners, lonely explorers or families, the Malaga province offers, within less than an hour car drive, a great variety of environments, ranging from coastal wetlands to inland lakes, from craggy mountains to leafy Mediterranean forests, where great birding can be carried out. Most of our species will show for the enjoyment of the whole family while many of them will pass through the expert’s eyes for the very first time in life.

We suggest several birdwatching routes for visitors to the Costa del Sol run in a flexible and friendly way. If you would like visiting any particular site or going after a particular species, let us know and we will design a special itinerary for you. Special conditions for Pals!

"Thank you very much for such a good day of birdwatching! Thanks to you we enjoyed excellent views of many attractive species, including some we had not seen for a long time..." Edward & Mandy Mayer

For birdwatching on the Costa del Sol (Malaga, Andalusia, Spain) send a message to Luis Alberto

Our web is
The email is and the phone is +34 951 382 906

C. Portella Ernest Lanzarote, Canary Islands Anytime English, German, Italian, Spanish
As a professional nature tourism company we know the localities and status of the bird populations. We actively participate in conservation projects and banding. Our groups are very small and on the excursion we will not only see interesting local species, but also amazing natural landscapes. Area:
Desert of Soo, Janubio´s saltpans, cliffs, Chinijo Marine Resrve...

Area Birds:
houbara bustard, cream coloured courser, stone curlew, barbary falcon, passerine


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