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*Lodging I have visited personally, has a note with my comments.
** Lodgings offering a discount off the nightly rates to Birdingpals


Lades Motel
Tasucu, Göksu Delta
We will extend a discount of 10% off the nightly rates to Birdingpals
Hotel Fatih
Tasucu, Göksu Delta
Hotel Poem
Club Natura Oliva
Lake Bafa
We were picked up at the airport by the manager Sadrettin Özkök who apart from being a really nice guy is very efficient, friendly and knowledgable. Sadji speaks English well and has a bit of German. The chef Suleiman is a young man, perhaps late twenties, who is a master of his art, providing good, tasty, healthy food for all to enjoy. The general helper Achmed is a willing worker and puts himself out to assist in every way. Sadji has the full confidence and respect of his staff and obviously enjoys their company as they enjoy his, this enables the service to be as good as it gets. The hospitality shown to all at the resort is impeccable. The accomodation consists of apartments each with their own shower/bathroom and a balcony giving spectacular views across the lake. The birdlist is remarkable but a survey in the spring would be even better! Birdingpal Paul Gaffan paul.gaffan(AT)btinternet.com
Selene's Pension
Kapikiri Village, Lake Bafa
Today, we know of 224 bird species living around Lake Bafa. On the slopes of Latmos Mountain (Beþparmak Daðý) twenty different orchids and endemic plants are to be found. Lake Bafa was declared a national park in 1989. The park covers 65 square kilometres and is home to birds like the Dalmatian pelican, fish eagle, common tern, pygmy cormorant and heron while the lake itself is populated by those famous eels, Bafa grey mullet, sea bass and sea bream. Wild boar, foxes, wildcats, hedgehogs and badgers all inhabit the surrounding Latmos Mountains. The unique flora and fauna of the lake and its surrounding attract birdwatchers, botanists, painters and nature lovers; the giant slabs of rock and the ancient walking trails are a paradise for hikers and boulder-climbing, and last but not least, the lake is perfect for boat trips.
Özsafak Pansiyon

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