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to the proprietor wherever possible.
*Lodging I have visited personally, has a note with my comments.
** Lodgings offering a discount off the nightly rates to Birdingpals


NaGeira House B&B
The Palace Inn
2 School Road, St. George's
By d’ Bay Cabins
Bonavista Bay and adjacent to Terra Nova National Park
We have many bird feeders between cabins #3 & #4 . You will see many songbirds there all year long. The two birds of prey that you will see constantly flying overhead are the eagle & Osprey. The Osprey sometimes nests close to the ocean where it fishes for flounder and other small marine fish. Although the osprey is an endangered species, Newfoundland and Labrador is home to a strong population of these birds. It is possible to watch osprey all over our province, including ponds in the heart of St. John’s. The bald eagle is a year-round resident of Newfoundland and Labrador. Although it is an occasional predator of gulls, murres, and other prey, most of its food comes from the ocean. Puffins can be viewed off Bonavista & Elliston.
Tara Vacation Home
Clode Sound, Terra Nova National Park

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