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This is a list of Hotels, Inns and B&B's recommended by Birdingpals
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Caulín Lodge
Bahía Caulín, a 9 km de Chacao, Comuna de Ancud, Isla de Chiloé
El Ingenio Lodge
Central Andes
The Ingenio Lodge is surrounded by the remarkable Andes Mountains and is better for Birdwatching than the Patagonia, because it has and more abundant birdlife with many endemics and some of the specialties of Central Chile with the characteristic Andean Birds who can only be found on this part of the Andes. Also, the Ingenio Lodge is very near Santiago, the capital of Chile. Birdingpal Rodrigo Reyes rodreyes77(AT)hotmail.com
Patagonia Baker Lodge
Puerto Bertand, Patagonia
Patagonia Baker Lodge surrounded by the Magellanic Forest (the southernmost forest in the world), and breathtaking views of the Baker River: the birdlife here is not so abundant but it has a great diversity of birds, including some of the most remarkable birds of Patagonia and many Patagonian endemics. It's a very good place to do Birdwatching as well. I think it's a little expensive but we must know that it's a very remote place located in the Patagonia. Birdingpal Rodrigo Reyes rodreyes77(AT)hotmail.com
Landhaus San Sebastian B&B

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