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You don't need to be an expert birder to contact a Pal.  Together you have love for nature, birds, other countries and learning.

These are serious birdwatchers willing to share their time to help you.  It is a privilege to contact them.  Your message should be respectful.

A Birding Pal does not charge a fee, however you should pay for their expenses, transportation costs, entrance fees, meals, etc.

Pals will answer your messages quickly, if they can.  You might select someone who is traveling, so write to more than one Pal, and be patient.  Let us know if someone doesn't answer and we'll check that everything is okay.

You can Contact Us when you are going to meet a Pal, and then let us know how it went.

Happy birding.

Professional Birding Guides

Professional Birdingpal Guides are local to the area and can customize your tour to see the birds you want.

Your guide is also your travel companion as you experience the scenery, culture, history and food, first hand.

Hiring Birdingpal Guides boosts the local economy in ways that helps protect birds and their habitats.

M. Motlomelo



I became a bird guide back in 2007. I was trained by Birdlife South Africa. I had established my own organization in 2010 called Birdlife Lesotho. I was in my twenties by that time. But unfortunately there were no much tourists getting in to my country. I became a primary school teacher but if i had some tourists i used to guided them as a free lancer.

In some few years ahead i became part of Birdlife International. I also became a member of Global birding team. I am also a member of Bearded vulture tusk force programme. We are the two teams from both Lesotho and South Africa. I am currently free lancing with tour operators from South Africa.

Birding Pal

Lesotho has more places of birds hot spots. I will like to start with Sehlabathebe. It is a place in the Drakensberg mountains. We can see few species of Bearded vulture and cape vulture in Sehlabathebe. There are more species of birds to see as you go along Drakensberg mountains like jackal buzzard, mountain pipit, stone chats, speckled pigeon, cape turtle dove, and many more.
Sehlabathebe, Drakensberg mountains

Area Birds
Bearded vulture and cape vulture, jackal buzzard, mountain pipit, stone chats, speckled pigeon, cape turtle dove
Birding Pal

Birding Pal

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