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  Alejandro Lee Flying wings tours Nicaragua, Granada Anytime English, Nicaraguan

Hello, I am a guide of more than 8 years of experience in birdwatching, much wetland birds and tropical dry forest and coastal birds.

I have much information on birds of the various types of forests in Nicaragua.

Please, I do not write much in English. To be honest I am using a computer translator. But my skills in speaking in English are very good. if is possible I will send you some recordings of my own speaking in English to verify my skills.

If you want I will send you letters from old clients, where is reflected my skills in English. I have many letters of recommendation from my clients.

I know many places in Nicaragua as:

El Jaguar in Jinotega

Montibelli in Managua

Mombacho in Granada wikipedia

Selva Negra in Jinotega Bird List

and the Islets in Granada.

Thank you.

Alejandro Lee


"We spent week in Nicaragua with Birding Pal professional guide Alejandro Lee. This young man is amazing! His english is great and his knowledge of Nicaragua is limitless.

I would recommend his service. I rented a car and he took care of us for all the things that are best handled by Nicaraguan's."
- ETweet, California

El Jaguar in Jinotega, Montibelli in Managua, Mombacho in Granada, Selva Negra in Jinotega and the Islets in Granada

Area Birds:

Nature: birdwatching

J Jeremiah Grenada Anytime English
I spent a short day birding with Anthony "Jerry" Jeremiah. Jerry worked out a very efficient itinerary that started at the Mount Hartman Dove Sanctuary. Alone 200 of the Grenada Doves remain, and Jerry found one. We moved on to a forest at the edge of the sea. Here we had numerous species of small birds, including a tiny baby Antillean Crested Hummingbird. We reach a large pond where I finally saw Caribbean Coots. We then drove up into the hills and despite the Hurricane Ivan damage we saw many birds including Lesser Antillean Tanagers. Jerry then took me behind the airport to a series of small ponds, primarily to see Little Egrets. Jerry was more excited to see a Wilson’s snipe, a tough bird to find in Grenada. We ended at gated hotel [Jerry is their resident guide] where Green Heron used a piece of bread to attract fish close to its beak. Overall we saw 42 birds and one mammal in six hours.

Jerry is a knowledgeable birder and bird finder. He worked hard to get us to the right place at the right time.

He was a pleasant companion, who, as a bonus, provided a concise commentary on island life as we travelled about.

I would recommend him highly as a bird guide to any one visiting Grenada.

- Cheers, Roy John, Canada

We had a great experience birding with Anthony Jeremiah (Jerry). He met us at the cruise ship dock in Grenada and took us to a number of great birding spots.

Jerry is not only an expert birder but also extremely knowledgable of all the local flora. Yes, I got a glimpse of the Grenada Dove but also Lesser Antillean Tanager, Grenada Flycatcher and many other great sightings.

He also showed us many plantings for spices and foods (cinnamon, nutmeg, cacao etc.).

All in all a great experience!
- Rick

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