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Using the Birdingpal resources you must agree to the following: If you contact a local Birdingpal and make arrangement to go birding, you should note it is common courtesy to make sure you show up for the appointment. If for any reason you are unable to do this, the least you must do is contacting the local Pal right away.
Please note that most Birdingpals are serious birdwatchers. It is a privilege to contact them, and your message should reflect it. A local Pal does not get paid, but should he/she offer to take you out birding, using their own vehicle, it would be courteous to pay for the fuel. A lunch and/or a small gift would also be appropriate, something as simple as a souvenir of your country, or a pin from your local birding club.
We want to hear about your experiences with Birdingpals.
Please contact us with any comments or suggestions you have.

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Initial Last Name Area Available Language


  O Pichard North France Anytime English
  all birds of 1/2 of north of France, especially birdsong. Area:
North France

Area Birds:

Nature: birdwatching, twitching, photography, butterflies
Travel: walking, train, backpack, canoe

V Palomares Ardeche, Saint-Desirat, Talencieux, Rhone-Alpes Anytime French, English
My home is situated on a very good migration spot (Andance) at autumn and spring. This is the list of special birds I could show around my home (from few meters to 50 km) during spring and summer: Little Egret, Purple Heron, Honey Buzzard, Black and Red Kites, Short-toed Eagle, Hen and Montagu's Harriers, Red-legged Partridge, Stone Curlew, Eagle Owl, Little Owl, Nightjar, Alpine Swift, European Bee-eater, Hoopoe, Wood Lark, Tawny Pipit, Dipper, Blue Rock Thrush, Cetti's Warbler, Great Reed Warbler, Subalpine Warbler, Sardinian Warbler, Bonelli's Warbler, Eurasian Tree Creeper, Red-backed (and sometimes Woodchat) Shrike, Rock Sparrow, Cirl Bunting, Rock Bunting, Ortolan and Corn Buntings... All are breeding here... I can go with birdingpal birders or advise them about further destinations (Vercors, Baronnies, Crau & Camargue)

A Callec Grenoble, Alpes, France Anytime French, English
Every day I observe the birds and I like to get up early to go into nature and to sleep in the mountains.

I am fortunate to work in a local government to preserve the biodiversity and protected areas : Espaces naturels sensibles de l'Isa re -
Reserves et ENS Vercors, Belledonne, Oisans

Area Birds:
griffon Vulture, Golden Eagle, Willow Grouse, wall creeper, pygmy owl...
Nature: birdwatching, photography, skiing, swimming, walking, canoe, ship, snow museum, restaurant, wine,

O Debre Dombes, Pilat Regional Park, Rhone-Alpes Weekend French, English
The Dombes is a rural area punctuated with hundreds of shallow ponds and lakes. It is very attracting for wintering and breeding ducks, migrating waders, and songbirds. Diversity peaks are April/May and August/September. Pilat Regional Park, though not yielding as much avifaunistic diversity as Dombes, still represents an interesting forested hills area, resembling the Vosges moutains. I can also help you with alpine regions: Ecrins/Oisans, Vanoise, Chartreuse, Vercors.

J Verrier Bergrac, Dordogne, Aquitaine Weekend French, English
C Knibbs Bordeaux, Gironde, Aquitaine Anytime French, English
I have been in the Gironde area for 5 years now and know most of the good sites in and around Bordeaux (le Teich, the Arcachon Basin, Audenge and the French Pyrenees). The local area is good for White Storks, Purple and Grey Herons, Spoonbill, Cattle & Little Egret, Bluethroat, 3 species of Harrier, ST Eagle, Hobby, Hoopoe, RB Shrikes etc... and grebes and divers in the winter. Cap Ferret is particularly good for the autumn migration and la Pointe de Grave for the spring migration. Further afield, the Pyrenees are excellent for large raptors, including Bearded, Egyptian and Griffon Vultures.... plus birds such as Blue Rock Thrush, Alpine Accentor, Chough and Alpine Chough.

Hi my partner and i recently met Chris Knibbs in France (nr Bordeaux) after making contact with him via the Birding Pal site. He was really thoughtful, patient and helpful and enabled us to view lots of birds at Le Teich (a great place by the way!). We have thanked him personaly but it would be great if you were to publically acknowledge our appreciation. Based on this initial experience we will certainly use the site again.

We also hope to meet up with Chrs when he visits the UK next. Thank you
Jeanne and Lorraine

T Lengagne Lyon, Aura mostly week end french/english
I'm a keen birder and have a broad knowledge of French natural history. I'm available for guiding in the Lyon region (and beyond, depending on what you want to see!). Diverse habitats close by including wetlands, woodlands and mountain forests. For the avid twitcher, 70 species in a day is possible in spring. Area:

Area Birds:
dombes area near Lyon
Nature: birdwatching,photography, walking, tourist site, museum, restaurant, vineyard, monument, arboretum, architecture app

M Robert Domancy, Haute-Savoie Weekend French, English
Mont Blanc area: Bearded Vultures and Golden Eagles all year long, Red-footed Falcons in spring, etc.


  J.M. Lustrat Fontainebleau, Ile-de-France Anytime English, French
  I am working for nature preservation in the French administration. We protect around 1200 ha, mainly marshes and forest, but sites for orchids and bat's caves too. In marshes, we have Ospreys and Little Bittern in spring and Bittern in winter. We can visit Fontainebleau forest for forest birds, and mammals. Area:
Fontainebleau forest

Area Birds:
Ospreys and Little Bittern in spring and Bittern in winter

Nature: birdwatching, twitching, photography, hiking, butterflies, fishing, sport fishing, boating, skiing, swimming, surfing, snowmobiling, sky diving
Travel: train, bus, car, hitchhiking, biking, long walk, packpack, canoe, portage, dog sled, snow mobile
Visit: tourist site, museum, restaurant, club, vineyard, outdoors, nature spot, beach, lake, ocean, architecture, shop, antique, swap
Attend: concert, horse race, ballet, dance show, theatre, live music, sports event, auction, antique, convention, political rally, protest, competition
Participate: night life, party, dance, club, bar, rock, country, classical, hiphop, rap, swing, wine, beer, liquor, social games, computer games, casino

P Ricordel Paris(Saint Omer, Pas de Calais - 62), Ile de France Weekend French, English, Spanish
Paris is not really right area to visit for birds, but sometimes. I am more a bird photographer than a birdwatcher, I do phtograph mainly in France, and sometimes abroad. My week-end location is northern France near Saint Omer (Pas de Calais - 62), where you can find many more species of birds than in Paris. Feel free to ask more details, I will be pleased to answer you.

T Fournet Paris, Ile de France Anytime French, English, German

D Godreau Paris, Ile de France Weekend French, English

D Lescaillez Paris, Ile de France Weekend English
R Bennett Autignac(near Beziers), Languedoc-Roussillon Anytime English

Omar Hassani Mbeni, Moroni Anytime English, French, German, Spanish and Italian

DAY 1:
Arrive in Comoros.
Transfer to Hotel Retaj for lunch and overnight. Afternoon excursion at Iconi for
Egret & kingfishers and other sea birds at Marabou Lake.

DAY 2: - Full day excursion on Grand Comoro including Nombé for Comoro blue pigeon and Comoro Fodi. Spinetail , Grand Comoro Humblot’s Sunbird .
Overnight at hotel Retaj.

DAY 3 :- Full day at dadula birding camp
Discover grand Comoro Drongo, Comoro sunbirds, Comoro Cuckoo roller , Grand Comoro Green Sunbird at the area.

DAY 4: -Full day to Salt Lake.
Breakfast and full day to Gouwuni to discover Comoro: Olive pigeon, cape turtle dove, Comoro Tambourine dove.

DAY 5:- Karthala expedition
Full day excursion to Mount Karthala. Overnight camping on the mountain at famous Karthala Scops owl, Comoro bulbul, karthala white eye, Comoro cukoo shrike...etc….

DAY 6: - Mt Karthala
Return from Mt Karthala- Le Moroni Hotel (or equivalent standard hotel) for overnight. In the way down, Humblot’s flycatcher , Grand Comoro Paradise Flycatcher , Karthala Thrush, Comoros Afternoon excursion if required.

DAY 7:- Cruise boat Chindini- Moheli island
Breakfast and Transfer to chindini beach for sea birdings
Cruise boat from chindini and discover a wide variety of sharewaters on sea.
Arrive in Moheli and transfer to Relais de Singani hotel.

DAY 8 : - - Full day excursion to Ziroudani birds camp.
Excursion to Ziroundani for birds’ camp to look for Moheli Green Sunbird , Mohéli Bulbul, Moheli blue Vagan, Moheli scops owl, moheli brush warbler.

DAY 9 : - - Full day birding to Lake Boundouni and forest
Breakfast and departure for Boundouni lake, Moheli Fodi, little grabe, Moheli Thrush…etc

DAY 10 : - - Full day excursion
with boxed lunch on Moheli on the slopes of Mt Koukoulé.Mohéli Brush Warbler , Mohéli White-eye , Mohéli Humblot’s Sunbird , green pigeon.
Overnight Relais de Singani.

DAY 11 :- - Flight Ab 104 – 14h30 – 15h00- Moheli--Anjouan
Anjouan island,. Transfer to Hotel Al for lunch and overnight. Afternoon/evening
Excursion to Dzialandze to look for Anjouan Scops Owls.

DAY 12 :- Full day to Moya
excursion in Moya area, in particular to look for the Anjouan sunbirds and other endemic birds, Anjouan Cuckoo-Roller , Pale Paradise Flycatcher , Anjouan Brush Warbler , Benson’s Brush Warbler.

DAY 13:- Full day excursion, with boxed lunch
in forest surrounding Lac Dzialandze and, if required, Moya, Anjouan White-eye , Anjouan Thrush , Anjouan Sunbird , Anjouan Fody
Overnight at Hotel Al Amal.

DAY 14: - Flight –09h30 – 10h40- Anjouan- Moroni
Morning excursion on Anjouan, then transfer to Anjouan airport for flight to Moroni.
Transfer to hotel and afternoon tour if required

DAY 15 :—Flight –Moroni back home
Breakfast and transfer to Moroni international airport for flight back.

Full board including all Tickets for the internal flights including Moroni-Moheli- Anjouan-Moroni, cruise boat and tours.
Full board in Hotel twin sharing room
Nomb_, Dadula, Karthala, Dzialandz_, Moya,

Area Birds:
Scops owls, Comoro Drongo, Comoro kucoo roller, Comoro cuckoo shrike Comoro fodi

1. Full-board arrangements (breakfast, lunch and dinner) throughout, commencing with lunch on Day 1 and ending with breakfast on Day 9.
2. Full necessary camping equipment for our night on Mt Karthala is provided.
3. Local guides are:
Mr OMAR Toiouil ( 10 years birding experiences) In Grand Comore island.
Mr Faisal Mz_ ( naturalist guide) in Moheli island
Mr Patrice Keldi ( 3 years birding experience) in Anjouan island.
4. No sound recording with guides to call to the birds but only binoculars. We have only the experiences without equipment.
5. We use 4weel drive vehicles in the islands.
6. It will be a fibricom boat for 10 pax maximum but with outboard engines with necessary security equipments.

Nature: birdwatching


  C Thornton Bourgoin Jallieu Anytime English, French
  Bourgoin Jallieu is 25 mins train or car East of Lyon, and <1 hour from Grenoble, Chambery, Vienne. Keen amateur birder for 30 years now and active in local environment associations. Work at home so can find time week or weekends.

I know well our local are (Ile Cremieu), mix of chalk plateau, lakes, marshes, but also Dombes or further. In summer, good birding with walking in the Alps. I have had great birdingpals both coming here, and away when I've been on business travel. You're welcome.
East of Lyon, Dombes, Ile Cremieu, North Alps, Val de Saone

Area Birds:
Hawfinch, Middle spotted woodpecker, Bee-eater, Marsh warbler, Little bittern

Nature: Birds and songs, both local and more uncommon, dragonflies, butterflies. Mouflon, chamois, ibex and deer in the Alps.

A Oates La Montagne (16km west of Nantes), Pays de la Loire Anytime English, French
We have recently moved out of the city of Nantes to La Montagne. I am English, living here with my French wife. I've had a keen interest in birds/ornithology since I was 5. Purely an amateur but I am keen to share my local knowledge with any visitors. I am situated about 10 mins drive from Lac de Grand lieu, 30 mins drive to La Briere, On our doorstep we have the extensive marshes of the Loire estuary. Local specialities include, Blue Throats, White Storks, Avocetes, Spoonbills, Great White Herons, Cattle Egrets, Night Herons, Purple Herons, Scquacco Herons, Corncrakes, Cetti's Warblers, All three types of Harrier, Hobby, Black Kites, Honey Buzzard and more... We are 10 minutes from the Nantes airport. So if anyone needs help finding those elusive birds drop me a line.
H Michel Lunéville, Lorraine Anytime English


  F Leviez Berck, Nord Pas de Calais Anytime English, French
  I can guide birding Pals in the north of France from Baie de Somme to Dunkerque.

I can be available every day.
Hauts de France, Baie de Somme to Dunkerque
Baie de Somme
Cap Gris Nez - Cap Blanc Nez
Platier d'Oye
Wetlands around Berck

Area Birds:

Nature: birdwatching, twitching, photography, hiking, butterflies
Travel: train, bus, car, hitchhiking, biking, long walk,
Visit: nature spot, beach

O Fontaine Lille, Nord-Pas-de-Calais Anytime French, English, German
B Paepegaey Lille, Nord Pas-de-Calais Weekend English
T Daumal Picardie, Nord Pas de Calais Weekend French, English
P Legrand Villeneuve d'Ascq, Nord-Pas de Calais Weekend English
B Bree Caen, Normandy Anytime French, English, Spanish, German, Hebrew, Arabic, Mandarin
O Vimont Angers, Maine et Loire, Pays de la Loire Weekend French, English, German, Spanish
A Hiley Amiens, Picardy Anytime English, French
Hi, I've lived in northern France for the last four years and am passionate about birding in the area. I have great knowledge of many birding sites in this interesting area. I speak fluent French and am currently wrtiting a guide book on birding in the area. Please don't hesitate if you are visiting or passing through northern France. I specialise in finding target species, seawatching and visible migration, as well as planning a relaxing day's birding taking in some French culture as well. Many thanks for getting in touch!
T Williamson Poitiers, Poitou-Charentes Anytime English
You are very welcome here in Poitiers! I'm not always free, but try. If not able to guide you out birding, I can advice specific spots depending on the species you are looking for. Target species in my area are : Little Bustard, Eurasian Stone Curlew, Montagu's and Hen Harriers, Short-toed Eagle, Ortolan Bunting, Dartford Warbler, Greater Short-toed Lark, Tawny Pipit. Also scarcities for the British Isles (but quite common around here) : Golden Oriole, Red-backed Shrike, Crested Lark, Melodious Warbler, Bluethroat, European Serin, Short-toed Treecreeper, Black Redstart, etc.

M Crouzier Chavannes sur Suran, Rhône-Alpes Anytime French, English, some deutsch
I like very much observing birds, and I spend a lot of time for it. I can with pleasure go with Birdingpal birders or advise them about good spot or good species and my house is big and possibly a punctual hebergement can be possible.
B Veillet Lans en Vercors, Vercors Anytime French, English, German
I am 46 years old and I live in the Vercors mountains for 18 years where I worked for several years in the Regional Natural Park of the Vercors. I am now director of a Nature Trust in Grenoble. I am interested in all vertebrates, birds but also mammals, amphibians and reptiles. The Vercors is a beautiful area where there are all the alpine species and several species of Mediterranean affinity. The Vercors is famous for the wallcreeper, pygmy and Tengmalm's owls, the 4 species of vultures in Europe, 6 species of ungulates and wolves. I usually guided English or American birders and I'll be happy to show you my area.

M Grienenberger La Pommeraie, Vendee Weekends French, English
I can guide you, and if not available, I can advise you for spots where you can go around my home, which is situated in Eastern Vendee.

Ca te vendeene/Etangs et plaine des Deux-Sa vres

Area Birds:
Nature: birdwatching, twitching, photography, butterflies, fishing, skiing, swimming, beach, surfing, snowmobiling, sky diving
Travel: stroll, walking, hiking, climbing, train, bus, car, hitchhiking, biking, long walk, packpack, portage, canoe, ship, cruise, pilot, dog sled, snow mobile
Visit: tourist site, museum, restaurant, club, vineyard, ski run/trail, monument, arboretum, architecture appreciation, shop, antique, fashion, tech
Attend: concert, horse race, ballet, dance show, theatre, live music, sports event, auction, antique, convention, political rally, protest, competition, swap
Participate: night life, party, dance, club, bar, rock, country, classical, hiphop, rap, swing, wine, beer, liquor, social games, computer games, casino

S Wroza Versailles, Yvelines Weekends English, Polish, a little German
Just let me know what birds you're looking for. During appropriate season I can also show you most of the snakes of Northern France. Area:
Surroundings of Paris

Area Birds:
depending a lot on the season
Nature: birdwatching, photography, butterflies, dragonflies, herptiles, mammals...

Professional Guides

If you contact a professional Birdingpal guide you must be prepared to pay a fee for guiding services.

Name Company Area Available Language

Gerard Rolin Droyes, Champagne Anytime Francais, Fluent English, some German
I live in the small village of Droyes, 6 km away from the Lake Der Chantecoq, about 30 km from the towns of Saint-Dizier and Vitry-le -François". Situated 120 miles East of Paris, Der-Chantecoq lake is the second largest artificial lake in Western Europe and one of the best birding destinations in France. From October to February, it hosts (tens of) thousands of Common Cranes, over 20 species of swans, geese and ducks and many other migrating or wintering species such as the White-tailed Sea-Eagle. It is also a very interesting area in Spring and Summer with, for ewample, 8 nesting species of Ardeidae and numerous other birds due to its varied habitat. With fine weather conditions, you should expect to see betwwen 60 and 80 bird species in a single day. I have beeen birdwatching in this area since 1982 and I should be able to help you to find many species and to arrange your stay. I am also interested in insects and photography and I love travelling as do my wife and my two children. I can also organize day trips to find particular species such as Red-necked Grebe, European Bee-eater, Collared Flycatcher and many others depending on the time of the year". I am available on weekends and sometimes during school holidays.


  A Hargreaves Ste. Jalle, Drome Provence Anytime French, English
  I'm lucky enough to live in northern Provence, France. For the past 13 years I've professionally led wildlife tours around the Camargue, Crau, Vercors, Mt. Ventoux & S. Alps. As a part of my B.Sc. degree in Applied Environmental & Resource Science I've worked with the local Griffon Vulture reintroduction project - of which we now have more than 200 pairs. Since the vulture project I've been busily involved with the local conservation movement. I'm actively involved in wildlife conservation as well lots of local scientific surveys, which include Egyptian & Black Vultures, Little Bustard, Pin-tailed Sandgrouse, Tengmalm's & Pygmy Owls, Bonelli's & Golden Eagles, Ibex & Chamois. Local knowledge, there's really no substitute! Area:
Camargue, Crau, Vercors, Mt. Ventoux & S. Alps

Area Birds:
Egyptian & Black Vultures, Little Bustard, Pin-tailed Sandgrouse, Tengmalm's & Pygmy Owls, Bonelli's & Golden Eagles, Ibex & Chamois

Nature: birdwatching

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