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Using the Birdingpal resources you must agree to the following: If you contact a local Birdingpal and make arrangement to go birding, you should note it is common courtesy to make sure you show up for the appointment. If for any reason you are unable to do this, the least you must do is contacting the local Pal right away.
Please note that most Birdingpals are serious birdwatchers. It is a privilege to contact them, and your message should reflect it. A local Pal does not get paid, but should he/she offer to take you out birding, using their own vehicle, it would be courteous to pay for the fuel. A lunch and/or a small gift would also be appropriate, something as simple as a souvenir of your country, or a pin from your local birding club. your country, or a pin from your local birding club.
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Initial Last Name Area Available Language
M Hansen Bogense, Fyn Anytime Danish, English, German, some Serbocroatian, French
I work as a nightwatch every second week and are almost always available for birdwatching. I usually go birdwatching in Northern Fyn, but if you have a car everything is possible. I'm anno 1967. In the vicinity you can find places like Nærå Strand (Waders, ducks), Gyldensteens enge (Geese) and the beautiful island of Æbelø (Golden Oriole).
R Davenport Ejby, Fyn Anytime Danish, English
Expert in Birds of Prey. Areas include: Wedellsborg Hoved and surrounding area, west Fyn.
F Hansen Faaborg, Fyn Anytime Danish, English
E Eriksen Svenborg, Fyn Anytime Danish, English, some German
The area around Svendborg can provide good birding year round. Particular the Island Langeland can produce a lot of species in short time.
A Nielsen Svenborg, Fyn Weekend Danish, English
I am a young birder and birdringer. I've been birding and ringing for 3 and half year. If you are visiting Fyn (Funen) and has spare time for birding, then please contact me. I would be pleased to show you as many birds as possible in my local area. I live close to some good spots for migrating birds in autumn and spring.
R Christensen Eskilstrup, Lolland-Falster Anytime Danish, English, German
O Friis Larsen Nakskov, Lolland Falster Anytime Danish, English, German
K Bonde Nykøbing, Lolland Falster Anytime Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, English, German, Spanish
L Munk Saskøbing, Lolland Falster Anytime Danish, Swedish, German, English, Norwegian, some French
All-round birder. Available for info or birding with my/your car. I live near the lakes Maribo-søerne, Søndersø, Hejrede Sø. From here it is not far to the migration hot-spot at Gedser, the south-point of Scandinavia. Birding near Copenhagen/København and in all of Danmark is also of interest. Mobile phone +45 2325 3091
T Jepsen Aarhus, Eastern Jutland Anytime Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, English
I bird all over Denmark.
A+S Fuglsig Aarhus, Eastern Jutland Weekend Danish, English, German, Portugese
Even if we may not be able to take you out birding, we'll be happy to help you with advise or directions.
P Lange Aarhus/Galten, Eastern Jutland Anytime Danish, English, Deutch
I have good knowledge to the nature and birds in the lake - and fjord-landscape of eastern Jutland, have been birding here for 25 years. I am member of the board in the lokal branch of the Danish Ornithological Society (DOF).
K Strebel Aarhus/Risskov, Eastern Jutland Anytime Danish, English, German, French
Coastal residens and Egaa meadow lake as well as different biotope in the East Jutland area. Send e-mail or call +45 24814711 for non-committal and free birding experiences.
M Hansen Drum/Viborg, Eastern Jutland Weekend Danish, English, some German, Norwegian, Swedish
Amateur birder, living in Drum, not far from Viborg, Bjerringbro, Randers and Hobro. My local area is mostly agricultural (fields) with some forests, lakes and streams.
P Madsen Odder, Eastern Jutland Weekend Danish, English
J Drachmann Silkeborg, Eastern Jutland Anytime Danish, English
I'm a behavioral ecologist that have been birdwatching since 1977 both locally and worldwide. In my local area you can find most of the common Danish birds, and some specialities like White-tailed Eagle, Eagle Owl, Kingfisher, Black Woodpecker, Nightjar, Woodlark and Great Grey Shrike. The chance of seeing some of these species may depend on the season. If I have the time, I can also take other Birdingpals birdwatching to some of the best Danish birding areas.
WL Fabricius Haderslev, South Jutland Anytime Danish, English
K Dichmann Sønderborg, South Jutland Anytime English
G Graehn Sønderborg, South Jutland Anytime English, German, Danish
Enthusiastic but by no means professional, would like to go birding locally (woodland, heath, coast etc).
J Byskov Esbjerg, South West Jutland Anytime Danish, English, German, Swedish
H Callesen Esbjerg, South West Jutland Anytime Danish, English, German
J Thalund Esbjerg, South West Jutland Weekend Danish, English, German
R Sørensen Sevel, Ringkøbing, West Jutland Anytime Danish, English
S Petersen Ringkobing, West Jutland Weekend Danish, German, English, French, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish
I am a teacher and can mostly only do birding on weekends. But out of school-seasons I am avaliable much of the time. Just phone: +45 97 32 14 21 Mobile: +45 51 72 46 24. Good wetland-birding around Ringkoebing Fjord: Skjern Aa, Vaerneengene, Vest Stadil Fjord. Also possibility of shore-birds. Some woods nearby also quite good.
H Korsbaek Albertslund, Zeeland Anytime Danish, English
I'm pretty much birding all over Denmark.


  H Mikkelsen Copenhagen, Zeeland Anytime English
  I have in-depth knowledge of Danish birds, butterflies and dragonflies.

Send me a target list and I'll see what I can do.

Area Birds:
All resident and breeding birds. Migration when in season.
Nature: birdwatching, twitching, photography, butterflies

J Madsen Copenhagen, Zeeland Weekend Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, German, English
A Petersen Copenhagen, Zeeland Weekend Danish, Swedish, English, German, French
I am living in Copenhagen but do my birding over most of Denmark and in recent years various places all over the world. For visiting birders advice and/or company to birding spots in the vicinty of Copenhagen are offered.
A Hageman Copenhagen, Zeeland Anytime English
A Arang Copenhagen, Zeeland Anytime Danish, English, German, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian

BK Kayser Stensved, Zealand, Danmark (Denmark) Anytime English and Danish.
All round birdwatcher and very interested in flowers, butterflies etc. too. Area:
Southern Zealand: Gedser, Lake Maribo, Hyllekrog.

Area Birds:
Passerines, wetland birds, fall migration, White-Tailed Sea-Eagle, raptors.

L Moller Jensen Copenhagen, Zeeland Anytime Danish, English, German, Norwegian, Swedish
I am not a professional birder, but only birding for fun. I have been traveling mostly in the Nordic countries (Northern Finland, Svalbard, Iceland, Faro Islands, Greenland etc.). There not any exceptionel areas close to Copenhagen in Denmark, but just across the bridge to Sweden 50 km from here, there is top locallity during migration at Falsterbo and in the whole Skåne. I am interested in fotografing bird myself.
O Jakobsen Copenhagen, Zeeland Anytime Danish, English
Living near Vest Amager, 15km. Ducks and shorebirds in nunbers.
M Holme Elsinore/Copenhagen, Zeeland Anytime Danish, English
G Green Elsinore, Zeeland Anytime English
O Brauer Hillerød, Zeeland Anytime Danish, English, Spanish, French, German, Norwegian, Swedish
I live in a village in Zeeland's most extended forest, Gribskov, on the bank of one of Zeeland's largest lakes. Both have a varied bird life. I am also well acquainted with other birding localities in Northern Zeeland.
S Holst Køge, Zeeland Weekend Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, English
I live in the eastern part of Zeeland, which is a great crossroad for bird migration from Scandinavia/Arctic/Siberia to Europe/Africa. We have several fine locations for watching birds during migration seasons in spring and autumn. In springtime and early summer we also have excellent locations for many breeding passerine birds. I'm an amateur bird watcher, active in BirdLife Denmark as tour guide and also active in a local group for this area.
M Elley Naestved, Zeeland Weekend Danish, English, Swedish
I have been birdwatching since the age of 10, allways enjoying to share the experience. Birding the local area and most of the country for more than 40 years.
A Schneider Roskilde, Zeeland Anytime Danish, Swedish, English
Cartaker of Lake Gundsoemagle and familiar with the region North Sealand.
A Wiig Nielsen Roskilde, Zeeland Anytime Danish, English, Spanish
J Andersen Slangerup, Zeeland Anytime Danish, English
I have been bird watching since I was 15. Member of the North Zealand Bird watching society board. Local coordinator of the online Danish bird observation database.
B Hultengren Holbaek, Northwest, Zeeland Anytime English
J Kiel Slagelse, South West Zeeland Anytime Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, English, German, French
The South-Western part of Zeeland is full of beautiful nature with a lot of birds. All types of nature is accessible within short distances. In autumn many migrating birds. I'll be happy to show any visiting birder our nice, local birding spots.

Professional Guides

If you contact a professional Birdingpal guide you must be prepared to pay a fee for guiding services.

Initial Last Name Area Available Language
E Mølgaard Vintrie, Skåne(Scania) Anytime English, Swedish, Danish
Erik’s love of birds and birding began at the age of thirteen. Erik have extensive experience guiding birding tours throughout Southern Sweden and Denmark guided more than 50 bird tours to all seven continents. His favourite continents is South America, where he have been more than 25 times and Antarctica. Since Erik moved to Sweden you can find him nearly all day at Falsterbo studying the famous raptor migration. He is also a specialist in Bulgaria and love to come there every year to watch the rich birdlife Bulgaria have to offer.

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