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 Post subject: Birding near Paris (Fontainebleau forest) - july 2007
PostPosted: Fri Jul 27, 2007 9:42 am 

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Location: Paris, France
Birding with a France / Paris (very important brasilian!!) 21st of July 2007

This Saturday morning, at 6:45, we have picked up our guest Dimas Pioli, from Brazil and drove to Fontainebleau forest to watch some birds.

The forest is at 70km South of Paris = one hour by car

We arrived at the parking of Plaine de Chanfroy before 8:00, and we watched our first birds and first lifers for Dimas!

Crested tits first, were very active, and a cooperative middle-spotted woodpecker was a nice bird in the scope.

In an open area, we had a nice pair of Dartford warblers, some melodious warblers, common stonechats, a female of common redstart and many Bonellis warblers.

A green woodpecker was foraging on the ground, and a black woodpecker was flying over the pine trees.
We had a good surprise with this flying wryneck!!! (one of my favourite birds!)

A few minutes later, we had a lesser spotted woodpecker and many great, blue, long-tailed and coal tits!
Chiffchaffs were singing all around and a single willow warbler.

On the Plaine de Chanfroy, we had some wood larks, singing yellowhammers and we missed a red-backed shrike.

Two Eurasian honey-buzzards were new lifers for Dimas!

After this we had a short visit to a hide near Sorques and had a few new birds like common terns, common sandpipers, and little ringed-plover.

Not so bad for the season!
Especially with the 6 possible species of woodpeckers!!

The list of the day was:

- Mute Swan => Cygnus olor (Cygne tubercul?) : in Sorques
- Canada Goose => Anser canadensis (Bernache du Canada) : in Sorques
- Mallard => Anas platyrhynchos (Canard colvert) : in Sorques

- Eurasian Wryneck => Jynx torquilla (Torcol fourmilier): in Chanfroy
- Lesser Spotted Woodpecker => Dendrocopos minor (Pic ?peichette): in Chanfroy
- Middle Spotted Woodpecker => Dendrocopos medius (Pic mar): in Chanfroy
- Great Spotted Woodpecker => Dendrocopos major (Pic ?peiche) : in Sorques
- Black Woodpecker => Dryocopus martius (Pic noir): in Chanfroy
- Eurasian Green Woodpecker => Picus viridis (Pic vert): in Chanfroy

- Common Swift => Apus apus (Martinet noir)
- Common Wood-Pigeon => Columba palumbus (Pigeon ramier)
- European Turtle-Dove => Streptopelia turtur (Tourterelle des bois): in Chanfroy
- Eurasian Collared-Dove => Streptopelia decaocto (Tourterelle turque)
- Common Moorhen => Gallinula chloropus (Gallinule poule-d'eau) : in Sorques
- Eurasian Coot => Fulica atra (Foulque macroule) : in Sorques
- Common Sandpiper => Tringa hypoleucos (Chevalier guignette) : in Sorques
- Little Ringed Plover => Charadrius dubius (Petit gravelot) : in Sorques
- Northern Lapwing => Vanellus vanellus (Vanneau hupp?) : in Sorques
- Black-headed Gull => Larus ridibundus (Mouette rieuse) : in Sorques
- Common Tern => Sterna hirundo (Sterne pierregarin) : in Sorques

- European Honey-buzzard => Pernis apivorus (Bondr?e apivore): in Chanfroy
- Common Buzzard => Buteo buteo (Buse variable): in Chanfroy

- Great Crested Grebe => Podiceps cristatus (Gr?be hupp?)
- Great Cormorant => Phalacrocorax carbo (Grand Cormoran)
- Grey Heron => Ardea cinerea (H?ron cendr?)
- Eurasian Magpie => Pica pica (Pie bavarde)
- Carrion Crow => Corvus corone (Corneille noire)
- Eurasian Golden-Oriole => Oriolus oriolus (Loriot d'Europe) : in Sorques
- Common Blackbird => Turdus merula (Merle noir) : in Sorques
- European Robin => Erithacus rubecula (Rougegorge familier)
- Common Nightingale => Luscinia megarhynchos (Rossignol philom?le) : in Sorques
- Common Redstart => Phoenicurus phoenicurus (Rougequeue ? front blanc): in Chanfroy
- Common Stonechat => Saxicola torquata (Tarier p?tre): in Chanfroy
- Eurasian Nuthatch => Sitta europaea (Sittelle torchepot): in Chanfroy

- Short-toed Tree-Creeper => Certhia brachydactyla (Grimpereau des jardins): in Chanfroy
- Winter Wren => Troglodytes troglodytes (Troglodyte mignon): in Chanfroy

- Coal Tit => Parus ater (M?sange noire): in Chanfroy
- Crested Tit => Parus cristatus (M?sange hupp?e)
- Great Tit => Parus major (M?sange charbonni?re)
- European Blue Tit => Parus caeruleus (M?sange bleue)
- Long-tailed Tit => Aegithalos caudatus (M?sange ? longue queue)

- Sand Martin => Riparia riparia (Hirondelle de rivage) : in Sorques
- Barn Swallow => Hirundo rustica (Hirondelle rustique)
- Northern House-Martin => Delichon urbica (Hirondelle de fen?tre): in Chanfroy

- Melodious Warbler => Hippolais polyglotta (Hypola?s polyglotte)
- Willow Warbler => Phylloscopus trochilus (Pouillot fitis): in Chanfroy
- Common Chiffchaff => Phylloscopus collybita (Pouillot v?loce)
- Western Bonelli's Warbler => Phylloscopus bonelli (Pouillot de Bonelli): in Chanfroy
- Blackcap => Sylvia atricapilla (Fauvette ? t?te noire)
- Garden Warbler => Sylvia borin (Fauvette des jardins): in Chanfroy
- Greater Whitethroat => Sylvia communis (Fauvette grisette): in Chanfroy
- Dartford Warbler => Sylvia undata (Fauvette pitchou): in Chanfroy

- Wood Lark => Lullula arborea (Alouette lulu): in Chanfroy
- White Wagtail => Motacilla alba (Bergeronnette grise)
- Tree Pipit => Anthus trivialis (Pipit des arbres): in Chanfroy
- Chaffinch => Fringilla coelebs (Pinson des arbres)
- European Greenfinch => Carduelis chloris (Verdier d'Europe)
- Eurasian Linnet => Carduelis cannabina (Linotte m?lodieuse): in Chanfroy
- Yellowhammer => Emberiza citrinella (Bruant jaune): in Chanfroy

** With Didier, Dimas, Florence, Louis and Henri !! ** :)

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